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Raiders Girls by kaysharodriguez Raiders Girls :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 0 0
JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 132
Back in Mexico, everyone had gotten cleaned up and Roundabout was sitting down as she watched DJ bounce around all excited for once.
“Ohhhhhhhhh I can’t wait!” DJ Fist exclaimed, “I’ve been looking forward to this! I can't wait to see mi madre y padre again!”
Roundabout giggled. “You are the bouncy one today instead of me!”
“I can't help it! This means so much to me!” DJ Fist smiled
“Woooowwwww man, look at him! I've never seen him this pumped about anythang!” Strikemaster Ice commented to MC Cobra
“I knoooowwww, yo! But I'm happy for him! After Danny and I get our backsides to Greece, we’ll all be complete!” MC Cobra smiled
“Yeah! Hopefully before your baby comes into the world. Pit Viper said she had a doctor's appointment for sometime while we're gone.” Vicky said.
“That's good, yo! I can't wait to hear how things are goin’!” Cobra smiled more
Melody and Man
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 131
Elsewhere, the helicopter transporting Cassie, J, and the two Stronghammer brothers was nearing its intended destination after hours of flight.
J was bouncing in his seat with excitement. He had been in the absolute best mood that he had ever been in. He was free, Cassie was free, they were going to the City of Passion where they could live in peace and away from the Overlord and Osiris, and he was going to get see his beautiful Eva again! And he absolutely loved seeing Cassie and Kaine together again.
“Ohhhhhhhh, Cass! I can't waaaaaitttt!!!” J said excitedly
Cassie chuckled softly. She had spent her time just savoring being with Kaine again and continuing to wrap her mind around the fact that she was free of Osiris. It almost seemed too good to be true! But it was true! For once, she was finally truly happy and at peace again. And being with Kaine- her handsome and sweet emerald knight- was the main reason why.
“I don't know what I will think wh
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 130
Back in the United States, in Texas, Ash had brought the horses back to his grandparents' house and he found his phone. Charmaine had blown it up with all kinds of messages.
The phone started ringing again and Ash answered it. “Hello?”
“ASHIE!!!!!” Charmaine cried on the other end. She had been worried sick about Ash not responding to any of her messages and had freaked out big time earlier that day. She was relieved to finally hear his voice but that relief quickly turned into rage. “WHERE HAVE YEW BEEN?!?!?!”
“Uhhhh…I’m in Texas right now… at my grandparents house?” Ash replied.
“WHHHHHAAAATTTTTTT?!?!?!” she screeched. She then yelled something in Korean. “YEW WENT TO YER GRAM AND GRAMPS RANCH IN TEXAS AND DIDN’T BOTHER TO TELL ME?!?!?!”
“Well to be fair, we were here earlier so we could borrow some horses and I forgot my phone here then me, Kaine and Rex went to Mexico to sav
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 129
Back in Mexico, the Scorpions had found the stone statue thing that Manolo and DJ had remembered. Though what they hadn't remembered… was that the amulet was embedded in its chest.
“Duuuuudeeeee...It’s as if we were MEANT to find this again and as kids!” DJ Fist exclaimed as he looked up at the statue. It was exactly as he remembered from his childhood. He even had flashbacks to him and Manolo as children wandering and exploring on these mountains.
“Yeah, man! This is crazy!” Manolo replied, also remembering his and DJ’s adventures.
“Wow dudes...So how we gonna get the amulet out?” Strikemaster Ice asked
“Manolo… It's your amulet. You try and take it.” Jack said.
Manolo instantly felt anxious, remembering his parents' warning from so very long ago…
“Hey man, it's gonna be ok” DJ Fist tried to reassure him, “We gotta get the thing somehow. Let's take it and scram in case something happ
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 128
As the Stronghammers raced along, Rex pulled ahead of his brothers and opened a fae portal. The horses ran through it and suddenly they came out of an alley in San Diego near the Navy base. The portal shut behind them and all that was left of it was a ring of mushrooms on both sides.
They rode the horses over to the entrance of the Navy base quickly.
Cassie and J couldn't believe what had just happened. How did they teleport like that?! They had never seen that kind of magic before!
“Ohhhhhhh my goshhhhhh you guys have an Elvish ground bridge!” J exclaimed
“Fae portal.” Ash corrected him.
The guards of the Navy base immediately took notice of them.
“Ummmmm…..hi?” J waved shyly
“Can we help you kids..?” one guard asked.
“Get Captain Black immediately! It's an emergency! Please!” Rex urged. “Tell him the Stronghammer brothers rescued a princess.”
“Ooookay?” the other guard said before running off to
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 127
Elsewhere, back at the new Section 13, the book that usually notified everyone of an awakening amulet, which had been inactive for some time, flipped itself open.
“Heeeeeeey! Look!” MC Cobra exclaimed
“Alright! Amulet time!” Strikemaster Ice cheered
“Which one are we gettin’ this time?” DJ Fist asked
The book projected an image of the mountain amulet.
“Montaña! Brooooooooooo!” DJ Fist exclaimed to Manolo, “It’s your amulet, man!”
Manolo grinned wide. “Sweet!” he cheered
“Where is it, though?” Roundabout asked
The image shifted to a village that DJ and Manolo knew all too well…
Manolo gasped and became excited. “¡Dominic! ¡Casa! Que es el hogar! Donde Mamá y Papá están Llegamos a casa!” ("Dominic! Home! That's home! Where Mom and Dad are! We get to go home!) he exclaimed just before the image zoomed in on the rock formations just beyond the vill
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 126
A week later, they had gotten settled into the new house and were getting used to life in San Diego. Vicky herself was doing much better, especially after it clicked that she was now hidden from her biological father.
“Hey guys” Strikemaster Ice greeted everyone downstairs as they were eating breakfast, “I got a call from CB. He wants us to come to the Navy base to check out the new Section 13 and to check in with the supersoldiers. I heard even Sheila and Valmont have come to pay a visit.”
“Okay.” Roundabout nodded.
“Let's go.” Pit Viper smiled.
“Yo, it's been awhile since we’ve seen Sheila” MC Cobra stated as he got up from his chair, “Wonder what kind of oddball things she's up to this time.”
DJ Fist laughed. “Mannnnnn it could be anything, knowing her!”
“True.” Vicky agreed.
When they got to the Navy base, they were directed to the entrance of a heavily guarded building that
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 125
After several days of running around and being busy with everything that they had to do, it was finally moving day and like Pit Viper had said, Andre had hired people to pack everything up and take it over to the new house and set it up. Pit Viper and Cobra signed all the paperwork for the day before so it was their house.
They had people packing everything in the basement up first and taking it over ahead of everything else so it could be set up quickly so Vicky had a place to hide while everything else was going on.
Vicky was hiding up in her room, sitting on her bed in a pair of black and grey pants and her Mass Effect Andromeda hoodie and Soot was in the front of it, the stuffed animal's head poking out of the hoodie just under her chin.
She was doing even better than before but she was still very skittish.
“Are you feeling ready for today?” Strikemaster Ice asked her as he walked into the room and sat down on the bed next to her, pulling her into a side hug.
“I g
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 124
The next day, Andre arrived in San Francisco.
Pit Viper was nervous and wringing her hands as she paced in the kitchen.
MC Cobra was nervous as well. How was Andre going to respond to the news of the pregnancy when they told him? Would he be understanding and supportive? Or was he going to make them feel worse for their slip up and put more pressure on Cobra?
“Oooohhhhh… How are we gonna tell him….? We can't just come out and tell Dad… I always wanted to be creative with how I told him…” Pit Viper said.
“I don't know” MC Cobra replied, “There's already been so much stress goin’ on with all these new changes that this….ugh it doesn't help at all” he sighed, “I'm just afraid of how he's gonna react, especially with the warning he gave me a couple months ago…”
“I know. I won’t let him bully you into anything, though. Okay?” she reassured him.
“Okay” MC Cobra nodded as he
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 123
The next day, the amulet retrieval team, along with Captain Black and the McStones, were discussing moving plans. Captain Black, after becoming conscious again, agreed completely that it was imperative to move Section 13 out of San Francisco. He also agreed with moving the base of operations to the Navy base in San Diego, and the two bases were already in communication about where to place Section 13 and where to house the agents. Section 12 was in approval of them moving to San Diego as well, and was communicating with the Navy on how both groups could coexist peacefully on the same base.
“Within the next three to five days, we are expected to take our leave and head down to San Diego” Captain Black told the group
Pit Viper got off her phone. “That was Father. He’s coming. He says he's already found a new house for me close to the Navy base. It's the kind I like but a little bigger. Which means it's a house and not a mansion, condo or whatever. Though it
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter One Hundred Twenty Two
A few hours before, at Osiris, Cassie was sitting with Madoras, talking about small things as usual.
“Cassie, I have something for you, precious princess.” Madoras told her.
Cassie looked at him, curious as to what he had for her.
“What is it, Madoras?” he asked
“I had some of my people comb through the abandoned elvish city for it. It's over on the table.” he pointed over to one of the tables in the room.
Cassie nodded and got up, her interest perked when he said it was elvish. She walked over and gasped when she saw what he had for her.
It looked old and like it had been cleaned recently because it glittered and shined. It was a tiara. A royal tiara.
“By the stars…” she gasped as she slowly picked it up and stared at in in awe. It was absolutely beautiful.
“Your other gift is on the other side of the table.” Madoras stated
There was a vase in the middle of the table, obscuring her view. But
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter One Hundred Twenty One
The next day, the amulet retrieval team, Lorraine and Captain Black returned to Section 13.
“VICKY! LORRAINE! Oh I'm soooooo glad you guys are back” Lydia cried as she ran to the two girls and pulled them both in for a tight hug.
“M-mom?!” Vicky asked, startled
Lorraine was also quite startled and confused.
“Captain!” Agent Tag cried as he gave Captain Black a hug, which was highly unusual for him, “Ohhhhhh what a relief! Liddy and I have been besides ourselves with worry. We have needed you back so badly.”
“What? Taggart what is going on?” Captain Black asked with great concern. He had never seen Tag and Lydia so worried about anything before.
“Good, Akasha and Sammy must have stayed behind, good, they need to stay safe. All of you are staying here at Section 13. You are not to leave the premises unless another amulet mission pops up or until the situation is clear. AM I UNDERSTOOD?” Lydia told the w
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter One Hundred Twenty
Several days later at the floating City, Manolo knocked on the doorway of Eva’s room.
“Come in!” Eva called out
“I heard you wanted to see the City.” Manolo said as he walked in.
“Yeeeeahhhh...I haven't wanted to bother anyone to carry me but I really wanna get out of this bed! I’m gonna get blood clots from sitting for so long! Just wish I could feel my leg” Eva pouted
“Mel’s been helping you move around. But I figured I could carry you around today. The city is more active than before. The dragons have started trading and the city has taken in elvish and fairy refugees so the repairs are coming along faster than before and the plant life is greener.” Manolo said.
“Wowwwww….That sounds great! And I can't complain about being carried around by someone with muscles like yours… Just don't tell Mel I said that” Eva told him
Manolo laughed. “The worst she'd do is laugh at the remark.”
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter One Hundred Nineteen
In San Francisco, Tag and Liddy were watching TV when an emergency news cast popped up.
“What the heck?” Lydia asked as she leaned forward in her seat
“What could be going on today?” Tag asked
The reporters apologized for the interruption and had a warning for the people in the San Francisco area.
“Earlier today, there was a jailbreak. All but one of the escaped inmates have been accounted for.”
A picture popped up on the screen with the name Franklin Frankenburger below it.
“If you see this man, do not try to apprehend him. He is highly dangerous. Call the police immediately.”
Tag and Lydia froze and for a moment they couldn't breathe. This was no ordinary man. This was Vicky’s abusive biological father.
“Oh my gosh….oh my gosh….no….no….not him….” Lydia began to hyperventilate, quickly heading towards a full blown panic
“This can't be….” Tag said in shock, &
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JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter One Hundred Eighteen
That night at Osiris, J was laying on his stomach on his bed. The tattoo on his back was only half finished and it took all day to get it to that point! He had to go back tomorrow so it could be finished.
“I can't believe we were in there all day and I have to do the same thing all day tomorrow” J groaned, “What started out as something that I didn't think would be too bad and was absolutely beautiful has turned out to be a pure hell. And I am not a stomach sleeper at all.”
Cassie was sitting next to him on the bed and was fuming. She was furious that J was subjected to this torture and something that was a beautiful way to honor Eva turned out to be far worse than she ever expected. It pained her greatly to see him suffer so much, even though he tried his hardest to be brave and to think about Eva. But he ended up crying at times, tensing up and had to eventually be restrained. Cassie could do nothing to take away his pain and suffering and she ha
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Hey everyone!

I removed my fanfiction The Glory of Love from Deviantart but it still exists in the Internet-verse! I redid parts of the story and added new content, helping set the stage for some sequel stories that I plan on doing with :iconbikermicechick: after we finish book one of JCA: Magic Exposure! ^^ The Glory of Love (which, to those of you who don't know, is a Kaysha x DJ Fist story) can now be found on Wattpad under my username SireneSanra! Check it out! I might repost it here on DA someday. We'll see! ^^;

Happy weekend! ^3^

Raiders Girls
I used the X-Girl doll maker on to make the Raiders girls from my Jackie Chan Adventures fanfic collab story JCA: Magic Exposure. From left to right, we have Shay, Cassie (the leader) and Eva. All three OCs belong to me :3
Back in Mexico, everyone had gotten cleaned up and Roundabout was sitting down as she watched DJ bounce around all excited for once.

“Ohhhhhhhhh I can’t wait!” DJ Fist exclaimed, “I’ve been looking forward to this! I can't wait to see mi madre y padre again!”

Roundabout giggled. “You are the bouncy one today instead of me!”

“I can't help it! This means so much to me!” DJ Fist smiled

“Woooowwwww man, look at him! I've never seen him this pumped about anythang!” Strikemaster Ice commented to MC Cobra

“I knoooowwww, yo! But I'm happy for him! After Danny and I get our backsides to Greece, we’ll all be complete!” MC Cobra smiled

“Yeah! Hopefully before your baby comes into the world. Pit Viper said she had a doctor's appointment for sometime while we're gone.” Vicky said.

“That's good, yo! I can't wait to hear how things are goin’!” Cobra smiled more

Melody and Manolo came into view and Melody’s long hair, which was usually white and blue, was startlingly black.

“Let's go, bro!” Manolo grinned at DJ.

“Yesssssss!” DJ Fist grinned back

“Whoa! Yo! You got a makeover, Mel!” Strikemaster Ice exclaimed in surprise as he spotted Melody

“Our parents are superstitious. Best not to raise alarms with Mel having an abnormal hair color, right?” Manolo asked.

“Good call” MC Cobra nodded

Manolo and DJ set off for their parents' house with their girls with them.

They got a few looks from other villagers as they walked over to the front door of their parents' house.

DJ Fist took a big, deep breath as he looked at the house for the first time in years.

“Are you ready for this, bro?” he asked Manolo

“Sombra, I've been ready since I was eight years old to come back here…”

“Who wants to knock? You or me?” DJ grinned a little

“Together.” Manolo replied with a little grin back.

DJ Fist nodded and the two knocked on the door together and anxiously waited for an answer.

A small five year old girl answered the door. “Mammiiiii!!!” she shouted as she ran back inside.

“What is it, Maria?” a woman asked. That was their mother's voice!

DJ Fist closed his eyes for a moment and his heart rate accelerated. He knew the sound of his madre’s voice! He automatically felt like a kid again!

“There's two really big guys at the door!” the little girl said

“Okay okay. Let's go see who they are.” their mother had said as she made her way to the door and looked out. “Hello, can I help you?”

DJ Fist was almost going to fall over from nervousness and happiness

“Mama!” DJ Fist exclaimed

She gasped and put her hands over her heart. “Dominic?!”

Manolo was on the verge of tears.

DJ Fist smiled huge and was about to cry as well. “Sí….oh Mama…” he said as he came forward and pulled his mother into a tight hug, holding her close.

She started crying as she hugged DJ back.

“Mama…” Manolo said, gently touching her shoulder.

She gasped as she looked up at him. “Manolo?!”

“Sí Mama, it's me…” Manolo smiled

“Dominic… You found your brother?!” their mother asked.

“Sí” DJ nodded with tears wet on his cheeks, “Only a few months ago. In San Francisco. Oh Mama I’m so sorry for running away...I was suffocated and unhappy and devastated that I lost Manolo...I was so happy when I saw that he was alive when I thought he was dead…” his voice shook as fresh tears spilled down his cheeks

She pulled Manolo into the hug and started sobbing “¡Oh mis bebés! ¡mis bebés! Mis niños pequeños.” ("Oh my babies! my babies! my little boys!")

DJ Fist wept more as he hugged both his mother and his older brother, overjoyed that his mother was finally seeing them again, and them her.

Roundabout and Melody hung back and watched the reunion with a smile on their faces.

They cried for a while before their mother pulled away. “Come inside. Come inside. Your father is at work. He’ll be home soon. Come meet your little sister.” she urged them.

DJ Fist’s jaw dropped. “The little girl is our sister?” he asked, shocked

“Yes. She was born after you ran away.” she told DJ.

Roundabout and Mel followed them inside as well.

“It all looks just like I remember…” DJ commented, “How much has changed since I left?”

“We didn't want to touch your and Manolo’s room. I go in to dust but we haven't changed anything… Your father turned his office into Maria’s room.” she told them. “Maria dulce niña ("sweet girl"), come here.” Their mother said to the little girl who was shyly peeking at them from the kitchen doorway.

DJ Fist smiled and he bent down so that he was at her level. “Hola Maria...I’m your big brother me Dom” he introduced

She came out from the kitchen “Hola…” she said nervously.

Manolo sat on the floor. His size and muscles did make him quite intimidating sometimes. “I'm Manolo. Your oldest big brother. Don't be scared. We’re the greatest big brothers on the planet.”

“We sure are” DJ Fist smiled as he patted Manolo on the back

She came out further and came over to them. “Who are they?” she asked, pointing at Melody and Roundabout.

DJ Fist turned around for a moment and smiled. “Melody and Emma...our wonderful, beautiful girlfriends...Emma is mine” he smiled more

“Hola, it's nice to meet you. I’m Emma.” Roundabout smiled.

“Hola” Maria replied.

“You girls are so gorgeous!” Mrs. Rodriguez said.

“Thank you.” Emma smiled.

DJ Fist smiled, beaming with pride at the praise towards their girlfriends, especially his!

“Well Mama...what would you like to do?” DJ asked

“You must tell me what you've been up to. What have you done while you were away?” Mrs. Rodriguez asked.

“Well…” DJ Fist began. He would give her a condensed version of the last six years of his life and was definitely planning on leaving out the bits about magic. “After I ran away, I met a boy my age named Shane who has been my best friend since then. We lived and traveled together for years and three years ago went to a monastery in Bhutan where we learned martial arts and met our other best friend, Drew. We...did some things we ain't proud of...but we’ve become better men since then. Now, we live in San Diego with our girlfriends and have been doing work for the United States government with our brothers and their girlfriends as well. All good stuff, Mama.” He looked at her to see how she was going to react.

“It sounds like you are doing quite well for yourself, hijo ("son").” she smiled.

“Yes” DJ Fist smiled back, relieved that she didn't get upset at the mention of him doing things he wasn't proud of. “I am very fortunate. Having my best friends and Manolo and my Emma in my life has been the best. We haven't been happier.”

“I am happy to hear it. How long are you planning on staying?”

“Yeah! Are you gonna stay with us?” Maria asked.

DJ Fist looked at Manolo and then back at his mother and Maria. “Not long, I don’t think...We have other matters to attend to with our government work but...We’ll definitely come visit, right Manolo?” he asked his big brother

“Absolutely. Now that we've reconnected, we’ll definitely come to visit. We’ll give you guys our contact information so we can keep in contact.” Manolo smiled.

“It makes me so happy to see both of my little boys alive and well.”

“And we’re happy to see you well too, Mama, and to meet our beautiful little sister” DJ Fist smiled, “Maria, would you like to show me your room? Maybe some favorite toys or something?” he asked the young girl

“Sì! Come on, Dom!” Maria giggled as she went and lead him to her room to show him her stuff.

She ran to her bed and grabbed her favorite rag doll and showed it to him.

“Bonita!” DJ Fist smiled, “What’s her name?”

“Anne” she replied.

“Very nice” DJ smiled, “What do you and Anne like to do together?”

“We like to play outside! But we're neeeever eeeeever allowed to leave the yard without Mommy or Daddy.” Maria said.

“That's very smart, hermosa” DJ told her, “It’s good that they keep you nice and safe.”

She nodded. “What are your friends like?” Maria asked.

“The best friends I could ever have” DJ Fist smiled, “Drew is smart, loyal, kind, loving to his girlfriend and a good fighter, always willing to step in and take the lead on things. And Shane is funny, nice, supportive, a good listener and loyal as well. He’s going to be a daddy later this year and I think he’ll be a good one. I have many other friends after that. Vicky, Lilith, Depthcharge, Da’Rell...I could go on and on but I would only bore you” he chuckled

“Can I meet them? Did they come with you?” Maria asked.

“They're around” DJ answered her, “I would have to ask Manolo about that one.”

“Okay.” she nodded

After a while, DJ and Manolo were persuaded by Maria to come outside and play. Their mother sat on the porch and watched as she talked to Roundabout. Manolo had told her that Melody was mute and couldn't talk but Mrs. Rodriguez loved both of the girls so much.

Not long after, Mr. Rodriguez returned home from work and was baffled. “What is going on here?” he asked, stunned as he saw the two young men playing with his daughter. He didn't recognize them!

DJ Fist turned around and gasped, stunned for a moment before he smiled huge. It was his father!

“Papa! It's me! Dominic!” he cried

“Manolo! Manolo! look!” Maria said as she held up a bug she had caught for him to see.

“Neat!” Manolo grinned before the bug flew away.

Mr. Rodriguez gasped. “Dominic… Manolo…” He strode forward and pulled his two sons into a big hug.

DJ Fist hugged him close and began to feel emotional all over again. “Hola, Papa….” he said quietly as new tears fell down his cheeks

“I missed you, Papa.” Manolo said as he hugged his father back.

“I thought I had lost you both…” Mr. Rodriguez said hoarsely.

“No no, Papa...We can explain...I was so upset and unhappy after I lose Manolo that I ran away...I’m sorry, Papa...But the good that came out of it were the wonderful people I met and finding Manolo again in San Francisco...but you will never, ever lose us again….” DJ hugged his father tighter

“Good. What happened to you, Manolo?” their father asked.

“That is not a story that should be heard by little ears.” Manolo replied with a sigh before glancing at Maria.

“I see…” Mr. Rodriguez replied

“We've had a lot of adventures...some very interesting to say the least...but what matters is that we’re all finally back together again” DJ remarked

“Most definitely. Where are you boys staying? And how long will you be here?” Mr. Rodriguez asked. “You boys have grown so much.”

“Our friends that we traveled down with are in another village nearby” DJ told him, “And I don't think we’ll be here for much longer, I'm afraid. Work business. Gotta get back to San Diego. But we have time. Manolo, Maria wants to meet my best buds” he told his older brother

“If they come over to the village, I'm sure Mama and Papa would let you take Maria with you as you showed them around, Dom.” Manolo replied “It would let me catch them up on what happened to me and what they need to know.”

“As long as you don't take Maria out of the village it is fine with me.” their father stated.

“How 'bout I take her to the local bakery shop, and they can meet my friends there?” DJ suggested, “Emma, will you come with me?” he asked his girlfriend

“Yeah!” Roundabout replied as she got up, hugging Mrs. Rodriguez before going over to DJ.

“Yaaaay!” Maria cheered as she went over to her big brother.

“Stay safe.” Mrs. Rodriguez told them.

“I will, Mama. We won't be gone long” DJ Fist reassured her before leaving with Maria and Roundabout, holding hands with both.

Back in El Toro’s village, Strikemaster Ice and MC Cobra both got a message from DJ Fist urging them to come to his village and meet someone.

“Whoa...DJ wants us to meet up with him to meet someone…” Strikemaster Ice said after he read the text

“Must be someone in his family!” MC Cobra exclaimed

“Could be!” Vicky smiled.

“Well let’s go, man! We gotta go back to San Diego and then to the City of Passion at some point so might as well not waste any time!” Ice said as he got up from his seat, “See ya’ll in a bit” he told the others as Cobra followed close behind  

“See ya!” Jack called to him

The others waved as Ice and Cobra went to leave, with Vicky following them like a lost puppy.

While Jackie and El Toro spent time catching up, Jade had been following Micky and Paco around as the two young lovebirds spent time around each other. Though Micky and Paco made an effort to include Jade in activities, Jade was content to just watch them, spending time daydreaming about Mouse instead.

Paco had shown Micky around his entire village and pointed out all his favorite spots, his top favorite being the local wrestling ring where he and El Toro trained. Paco had started a more intensive workout regimen to help him work towards his dream of becoming a Lucha Libre wrestler like El Toro someday. He even did a whole workout which made Micky fawn and daydream to no end. They were currently in his bedroom and had just finished watching another episode of Super Moose.

“Mannnnnn I would so live here in this village with you if I could, Paco! It's asombroso (“awesome”) down here in Mexico!” Micky exclaimed

“Indeed!” Paco smiled, “When we are both grown up and done with school then you can consider coming down here to be with me! El Toro would love to have you down here with us!”

“Yeeeahhhhh...just sucks that I’m not like Kaysha’s age yet” Micky sighed, “I’m so glad Vicky let me spend time with you, though! And I’ve loved seeing where you live and stuff! I'm gonna keep learning and practice my español!”

“Excelente!” Paco laughed, “And I am glad you were able to stay too. I have something for you to take back, though.” He reached into his pocket and took out a brown leather cord with a small but beautiful green gemstone that was the exact color of Micky’s lively green eyes.

Micky gasped when she saw it. “Paco….” she said quietly

“I always call you mi joya (“my gem”) so I thought you were deserving of something as beautiful as you are” Paco smiled, “I found it when I was exploring the mountains north of here with El Toro one day. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make it into something for you! For I love your green eyes and how they sparkle with happiness. I hope you like it” he held the necklace out for her.

Micky got teary eyed and gently took the necklace from him, admiring the stone before putting the necklace on.

“Oh Paco….I love it! Thank you so much! Oh te amo mucho, mi luchador! (“My wrestler!”)” Micky exclaimed as she pulled Paco close for several kisses, which he happily returned.

Jade chuckled to herself but smiled big at this sweet display of affection. She was impressed at how more mature Paco had become over these past months and was happy with how sweet he was to her best friend. And they hadn't had a Jackie-El Toro argument in months! They both agreed that Micky was the greatest.

Strikemaster Ice, MC Cobra and Vicky made it to DJ and Manolo’s home village and had looked around with interest at the place their dear bro had grown up before finding the local bakery shop where DJ, Roundabout and Maria were waiting.

“Yoooooooo, dude!” Strikemaster Ice greeted him as they came closer

“Who do you have for us to meet?!” MC Cobra asked

DJ Fist grinned wide. “Bros, I want you to meet my little sister, Maria” he introduced them to the sweet little five year old

Ice and Cobra’s jaws dropped when they saw her and heard what DJ said. He had a little sister?!?!

“Hi!” Maria smiled and waved at them.

It took Ice and Cobra a minute to snap back into reality but eventually they looked at Maria and smiled a bit shyly.

“Hi Maria….I’m Drew” Ice introduced

“And I'm Shane” Cobra introduced, “We’re your big brother’s best friends”

“I’m Vicky. I'm also a really good friend of your big brother.”

“I just met my big brothers today.” Maria said.

“How old are you?” Vicky asked

“Five.” Maria said, holding up five fingers.

“Very nice!” MC Cobra smiled. The little girl was adorable

“Yeah!” Strikemaster Ice smiled, “You're a pretty lil lady!”

“Gracias!” Maria grinned.

“Don't worry, bros. I had the same reaction when I found out I had a baby sister” DJ chuckled, “But she's a sweetheart, and I'm happy to have her” he smiled as he picked up Maria and kissed her gently on the cheek.

Maria giggled and hugged her big brother around the neck. “I have the greatest big brothers in the world!”

Strikemaster Ice and MC Cobra couldn't help but smile at this sweet spectacle. Maria was adorable! And DJ Fist looked like he absolutely adored his baby sister.

Still holding Maria, DJ smiled at Ice, Cobra and Vicky.

“C’mon, we’ll show you around the village and then you guys can come meet my parents” DJ grinned

“A’ight, man! Sounds like a plan, yo!” Ice smiled

“Let's see where our man DJ grew up!” Cobra smiled

DJ Fist and Maria spent time showing the three and Emma around their village. As DJ walked along, he couldn't believe how vividly he remembered everything. It's almost as if he had never left and six years hadn’t passed since the last time he was here!

Strikemaster Ice and MC Cobra looked around with fascination and interest. This village was definitely different from where they grew up, but it was still neat to see and they felt closer to DJ this way. It was also neat to dabble in another culture! This new fascination started upon finding and reviving the City of Passion.

Some time later, the six of them went back to the Rodriguez home and went inside.

Manolo had very clearly told them his story by the worried look in Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez’s eyes, but they quickly hid their concern once they saw Maria and DJ back with their friends.

“Hola! Dominic, who have you brought with you this time?” Mr. Rodriguez asked with a smile.

“Papa, these are my best friends Drew and Shane” DJ Fist introduced with a smile, “And my friend and Drew’s girlfriend Vicky”

“Hi, Mr. Rodriguez” MC Cobra greeted with a smile, “It’s really nice to meet you.”

“Yeah” Strikemaster Ice nodded with a smile.

“It's nice to meet you too, chicos ("boys"). Gracias for being there for my hijo ("son").” Mr. Rodriguez said.

“Hey, it's the least we could do” Cobra smiled, “DJ’s been my pal for six years and the three of us have known each other for three. We’re the best of buds and are lucky to have each other.”

“And I'm real glad DJ and Manolo found ya’ll” Ice smiled, “We can tell that he's completely happy, and that's great. I myself reconnected with my own folks not too long ago and Shane has yet to reunite with his parents as well.”

“I hope you find them.” Mrs Rodriguez said to MC Cobra. “They must be worried sick.”

“Yeah” Cobra nodded seriously, “My brother and I will find em before too long. Then we all can be happy, knowing that we found and reconnected with our parents again!”

“It's the most wonderful feeling, bro” DJ said as he hugged Maria again, “I know you’ll feel the same way when you see them again.”

Maria giggled again and Manolo chuckled a bit as he watched his two younger siblings.

Afterwards, as time was dwindling down before DJ and Manolo had to say farewell to their parents and little sister, DJ Fist took Strikemaster Ice and MC Cobra into his old room, where he showed them things that he was interested in as a young teen boy. Lucha Libre, Mexican cartoons, model cars and bikes made out of metal scraps that he had found lying around on the village streets and multiple wood carvings of favorite cartoon characters.

“Dang, bro! You did all this as a kid?” Strikemaster Ice observed as he picked some of them up to look at them closer, “These are BOSS!”

“Chyeah! But no surprise for the brains and artist of the group” MC Cobra smiled, “Man I’m so happy you found your family. And your little sister is a sweetheart! I hope you and Manolo come down here to visit tons of times!”

“I hope so too” DJ Fist smiled, “Heck I almost wouldn't even mind living here in the village. Be a dream come true to have all the family nearby again. But I like San Diego and our life there. Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

“You bet it does!” Strikemaster Ice agreed, “Lil distance is good. Then when you see em again, it makes it all the more sweeter! It's just that feeling of peace that matters most to ya, man” he smiled at DJ Fist

“Definitely” DJ smiled, “I’m really glad you guys got to meet them. It made me feel even closer to you guys. I got the best bros in the whole world, for sure.”

Eventually it was time to leave, and several pictures were taken so that the Rodriquez family had updated pictures of their two found boys and some so that they'd all have a good family picture to look at while they were far away from each other.

“I will miss you, little Maria” DJ Fist said as he picked Maria up one last time and kissed her cheek, “But be good for Mama and Papa and have lots of fun with Anne.”

“Okay. I’ll miss you too, Dom.” Maria said as she hugged him tight.

After he set Maria down, DJ went over to hug his mother.

“Te amo mucho, Mama” he hugged her close, “I hope it won't be too long before Manolo and I will get to see you again.” he said as he kissed the top of her head

She hugged him back tightly. “Te amo mucho, Dominic. Stay safe. Don't get in trouble, okay? And don't forget to call.”

“I won't get into trouble, I promise. And sí, Mama. I will try to call at least every other week.” he told her before kissing the top of her head once again. He then let go of her gently and went over to his father to say goodbye to him.

“Te amo mucho a ti, Papa” he hugged him, “I’m so happy that I got to see you again too.”

“I’m so happy you found your brother and brought him home. And that you're both alright. Te amo, hijo.” Mr. Rodriguez said as he hugged DJ back. “Be safe. I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you, Papa” DJ beamed with happiness and pride as he tightened his hug.

Manolo was hugging Maria goodbye and he kissed the side of her head.

“Stay curious and stay safe.” he told her.

“I will!” she said before kissing his cheek. “Goodbye Manolo. I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too” he said before setting her down.

Mrs. Rodriguez hugged Manolo and cried as they said goodbye.

DJ Fist stood back with Roundabout and watched. He knew the reunion with Manolo was the more emotional of the two because they hadn't seen him for so much longer and because they truly thought he was dead, just like he once did. For him, he had only run away and simply didn't return for six years. Nonetheless, he was so glad that they both got to be reunited with their whole family.

“Thank you for coming with me, mi dulce hada de la luna (“my sweet moon fairy”)” DJ told Roundabout quietly as he slipped an arm around her, “It’s always special when you introduce your sweetheart to your familia.”

“You're welcome, mi amor. Your mama is so sweet.” Roundabout smiled.

“She is” DJ smiled, “And mi hermosa Maria! Can you believe it?! I have a beautiful little sister! If I had stayed, I would have gotten to see her as a baby and grow up but then who knows if I would have ever found Manolo again…”

“It was our destiny to meet and for you to find your brother again. If you had stayed, you may have been dragged into the amulet quest when Manolo and the rest of us came looking for the mountain amulet.” Roundabout replied.

“Better that we met months ago then than now” DJ Fist nodded in agreement. “I can't ever want to truly change what happened when the path I took led to me finding the best buds and bros I could ever ask for and of course the most beautiful girl I could ever ask for” he smiled at her. “Everything worked out for the better.”

“Yeah. I'm so glad that that everything has happened the way it has. Everything happened for a reason.” she smiled and hugged him.

After the last goodbyes were said, DJ Fist and Manolo departed from their family home with their friends and girlfriends right behind them.

DJ Fist smiled as he clapped his older brother’s shoulder as they walked. “Hermoso I am so glad the mountain amulet brought us down here to Mexico...Man I can't tell you how good it feels to have our family back together! With a little sister included!”

“Yeah! She's so cute! I can't believe how lucky we are to have a chance like this.” Manolo smiled.

“I know! And now we can keep it touch with them and never lose them again” DJ smiled again. He then grew serious as something came to mind. “What did you tell them while Maria and I were gone? They definitely looked worried when we came back, even though they were trying to hide it.”

“They deserved to know the truth about what happened to me…” Manolo replied “I couldn't hide that from them.”

“Dang...So that means you brought up magic with them?” he asked, “What'd they think of that?”

“They're worried for us. But they trust that we know what we're doing.” Manolo said.

“Well since there's no secrets, I’ll help keep them up to date at least every other week if I can and make sure they know we’re ok” DJ Fist replied, “I think it's important for them, especially since we live hundreds of miles away from them.”

“Yeah. But when we come back to visit we gotta spoil our baby sis.” Manolo chuckled.

“Oh heck yeah!” DJ Fist laughed, “I gotta make sure I talk to her too! I missed out on the first five years of her life but no more of that.”

“We both missed out.” Manolo replied. “But… it's time to get home. We have to get to the City of Passion and meet up with our Raider friends and the heroes of the day-the Stronghammer boys.”

“Yes!” DJ Fist smiled, “Man I still can't believe they did all that! That jump was INTENSE! But they made things so much easier on us, and did it so stylishly too.”

“Yeeeeah man!” Manolo laughed.

“Besides, there's someone among us who's wanting to get home for other reasons other than a trip to Atlantis.” Vicky chuckled.

“You know it!” MC Cobra laughed
JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 132
In this chapter, DJ Fist and Manolo are reunited with their family ^3^ Also, there's some cutesy Micky x Paco romance :iconawwloveplz: :iconifeelfluffyplz:

Vicky, Roundabout, Manolo, Melody, Jack and the Rodriguez family belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Micky belongs to me
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Elsewhere, the helicopter transporting Cassie, J, and the two Stronghammer brothers was nearing its intended destination after hours of flight.

J was bouncing in his seat with excitement. He had been in the absolute best mood that he had ever been in. He was free, Cassie was free, they were going to the City of Passion where they could live in peace and away from the Overlord and Osiris, and he was going to get see his beautiful Eva again! And he absolutely loved seeing Cassie and Kaine together again.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Cass! I can't waaaaaitttt!!!” J said excitedly

Cassie chuckled softly. She had spent her time just savoring being with Kaine again and continuing to wrap her mind around the fact that she was free of Osiris. It almost seemed too good to be true! But it was true! For once, she was finally truly happy and at peace again. And being with Kaine- her handsome and sweet emerald knight- was the main reason why.

“I don't know what I will think when I see our Raiders again...But it's going to be the best family reunion ever I’m sure” she smiled

Kaine chuckled and kissed her cheek. “I bet they're going to be exceedingly excited to see you too.”

“I KNOW they will!” J smiled huge, “Ohhhh we’re all gonna be so happy! No more amulet missions, no more Naga or Necrolai, no more wondering how we’re gonna be free, no more intense training sessions, no more kooky new team members, and most importantly, NO MORE MADORAS AND HIS STUPID COMPANION SESSIONS!” he cheered

Something triggered in Cassie’s mind and with a force that felt like a powerful waterfall, all of her stresses, anxieties, guilts, and griefs returned to the forefront of her mind. How could she have been so foolish to have forgotten?!?!

Cassie’s body went rigid and she stiffened against the seat. In a matter of mere seconds, she began to have a full blown panic attack.

“Cassie?” Kaine asked. “Cassie what's wrong?”

J immediately became concerned and his face showed worry as he focused all his attention on Cassie.

“Cassie? Talk to us. What's going on?” he asked her

Cassie was hyperventilating and her eyes were filled with terror. She was trembling and looked like she was about to burst into tears.

“I’m a fool to have forgotten! I can't be free! I can't be free! Nonono this is NOT good! I HAVE to go back to Osiris! I HAVE to!” she cried

“No no no Cassie you can't!” Kaine said.

A sense of dread filled J as he realized exactly what was going on. Cassie was feeling guilty and fearful! She was reverting back to what he was so grateful she was not being anymore, and it worried him.

“Cassie….look at me….look at me” J urged her, “Cassie….don't do this...You’re free now….You’re free….You can finally be with Kaine and be happy…”

“But my people! My people!” Cassie cried, becoming more and more terrified and upset

“Cassie….They’re gonna be okay...Madoras was just saying that to control you...Listen to me right now...You are NOT going to become Madoras’ wife and Empress!” J exclaimed

Kaine became shocked to hear this. “What?”

“Things got a lot worse at Osiris after we lost Eva” J sighed, “Madoras has chosen Cassie to be his wife and Empress when his true body is restored to him after he gets all twelve amulets...He’s dead set on it too...He’s showered her with gifts- even a royal Elvish tiara and gown and slippers- but also rambled on once about how royalty ended wars in the past by a princess marrying a king, prince or emperor...He threatened the elves if Cassie didn't agree to marry him…”

“Cassie listen to me… You can't marry the Overlord! Without a king or queen… you are the sole heiress to the elven throne! You marry him and he rules us!” Kaine said, distressed. “I love you. Please don't do this! I don't care what you may have done with him. I love you with everything that I am. And if you wanted to, I would marry you today so that the Overlord could never have you! I will protect you for as long as I live.”

Cassie’s panic immediately went away and she stared ahead in complete shock. Kaine….just proposed to her?

J was surprised to hear this as well but became incredibly hopeful. Kaine’s words couldn't have been any more perfect. ‘Oh please say yes, Cassie….Please say yes…’ he thought to himself, figuratively crossing his fingers in great anticipation

Cassie slowly turned to face Kaine, still in a state of shock

“What? You….would marry me…” she asked quietly  

“If you’ll have me.” Kaine replied.

Rex was leaning forward in his seat, shocked out of his wits. His baby brother just…

Cassie continued to be shocked and couldn't believe Kaine wanted her! Her! But….

“But Kaine….I have acted in an incredibly shameful and betraying manner….” she began, “I made out with Madoras...several times...kissed him with greater passion than I ever kissed you, sat in his lap, slept in his bed, fawned over him and fawned over the statue of his true body...Even Andee carries the pups from his own kit Shida...I have even said that he is my Madoras and I am his princess...I feel bound to him now by my words and I have shamed you, your family and our entire race...What I did was unforgivable…I am incredibly unworthy to be your girlfriend and wife and even unfit to be the princess…I have been the biggest fool of all” she choked as she broke down in grievous tears, feeling ill all over again from her most guilt-ridden actions

“First off.” Kaine said as he wiped away her tears. “Andee is a kit. Kits do what they want. Secondly. I don't care. What I care about is having you here in my arms.”

Something finally clicked in J’s mind, and he couldn't believe it took him this long to figure out!

“Cassie!” he cried, “I finally figured it out! The wine! The stupid, stupid, stupid WINE! The Overlord tainted it with a love potion to get you to fall in love with him! The things you were influenced by the love potion! Don't you see?! I KNOW in your heart that you don't love Madoras...I know you don't...because your actions and words have always shown otherwise…Madoras has been using you to get you to be with him...Kaine loves you and has treated you right since the very beginning...As for the elves...Kaine is right….Cassie...if you want to protect the elves...Do what Kaine said and lead them...Lead them with the leadership skills that I KNOW you have...Do what your parents would want you to do...Make them proud...If the Overlord attacks, fight back harder. Remember what JaMarcus said. Don’t be a martyr. Don't doom yourself to a life you don't want because you think it's the only way...It’s NOT the only way...Galbatorix lost in the end, didn't he? Eragon won. Arya won. Even Link and Zelda won! Good will always win in the end...Look into yourself, Cassie...Sapphire...You know that I am right…”

Kaine was thinking hard. She needed physical proof that he was serious about marrying her. He ran a hand through his hair. Where would he get a ring?! He pulled his hand away from his head and noticed his class ring. It's not an engagement ring but it's all I got…

Kaine pulled the ring off his hand and held it in front of Cassie. “It's not an engagement ring I know but…”

Cassie gasped and her eyes got wide when she saw the ring. Kaine really WAS proposing to her! He loved her and forgave her for what she did! Her mind was spinning but working hard as she digested and analyzed everything both Kaine and J said. She protested some at first, but as she thought about it more, the more she realized they were both right. Sapphire. She hadn't been called that in a long time. But hearing that again made things click for her...Yes, Sapphire was fearful, selfish and mean, but Sapphire would have never allowed Madoras to take advantage of her, and Sapphire would have noticed the love potion and stopped herself from drinking the wine that contained it. Sapphire’s selfishness wouldn't have allowed for anyone to treat her in such a disrespectful manner. And Sapphire gained courage as she dared to become a double agent for the Hand of Light, sympathizing with and helping them when it was risky to do so. Cassie had become courageous. What happened to that courage?

She remembered the locket that hung around her neck and she reached up for it and clasped it in her hand. She was the only hope for the elves. How did she not realize this before?! Without her parents around, she was their leader! If she gave herself to Madoras, then he really would rule the elves! And she would not have that AT ALL. Her parents would never want her to give herself up to the man who destroyed their cities fifteen years ago! And J was completely right about the love potion! It made perfect sense! No wonder she felt so conflicted and confused! And why she seemed to have split personalities! He really WAS using her! How DARE he! She was right about those gifts! He just wanted to make her happy just so she would fall in his arms! And she was drunk off of the love potion’s effects when she said she was his and he hers...but even then, she didn't ever say “yes” to her becoming his Empress or wife! She only agreed to think about it...She was not bound to him...Only marriage could truly bind the two together...And if she married Kaine...She knew that she loved Kaine in her heart and Kaine alone, and she had always longed for someone to truly love her and treat her right, and Kaine was that boy to do it. She was loved by so many others as well. She was far from alone. She knew what she needed to do for him, for the Stronghammers, for the Raiders, for the Scorpions, and for her beloved elves...She was not going to disgrace her parents and her race any more...She was ready to show the most courage that she ever showed in her entire life…

“Yes” Cassie finally answered as she looked into Kaine’s forest green eyes with her sapphire blue ones as she clutched the locket, “Yes I will marry you, Kaine Stronghammer…”

Kaine grinned and gave Cassie the ring. “I will get you a ring you can wear when we are in the City. This one would be a bit big for your delicate, beautiful fingers.” he smiled

J literally jumped out of his seat and was jumping up and down. “YES!!!!!! YES!!!!! Oh Cassie I'm so proud of you! The Raiders will be over the moon! And your parents would be so proud of you for taking such a big leap of faith and saying “Screw you” to the Overlord!”

Cassie couldn't help but laugh and she smiled as she looked at Kaine, getting teary eyed. “The ring does not matter to me at all...I am not one who has ever been materialistic...What matters to me is your love and the brand new hope you and J both gave me...Oh Kaine...I had given up...I was prepared to marry Madoras to save my people...But how could I have been so daft to not realize that I am the current leader of the elves and if I married Madoras, I would NOT be saving my people...If he got all twelve amulets, he would control them anyways...Your love and forgiveness mean more to me that what I can put into words, and how could I ever say no to my handsome and wonderful emerald knight who captured my heart the very moment I laid eyes on him? I will need your help keeping me strong if and when Madoras retaliates for losing me and tries to get me to go back to him...But I must do what makes me happiest deep down, and put a little Sapphire back in my life…”

Kaine smiled and pulled Cassie into a kiss.

Rex pulled J back into his seat and made him stay still. They were in a helicopter! No jumping in the flying vehicle! He was scaring the rabbit.

Cassie smiled big as she kissed Kaine back. She felt alive and happy again! She realized that she had lost herself and made many mistakes that led to too much self sacrifice in her time with Osiris, and she was allowing herself to be miserable for the sake of others. Now she could be happy AND find a way to serve others! A kinder and more compassionate version of Sapphire was back! And a braver one! And she felt in that moment inner peace. She was lost but now she was found.

After kissing for quite some time, Cassie pulled back and looked at Kaine.

“Though I will happily marry you today...What about your family? Ash and Charmaine? The Scorpions? Will they not want to be present when we get married?” she asked, having not thought about this before until now

“We’ll figure it out.” Kaine replied as he went and put the ring on the necklace with her locket since she couldn't wear it.

“Very well…” Cassie nodded, “I will follow your lead. marrying me, you will become the prince of the elves and help me rule over them...Are you ready to take on that role? Though I have no idea how I would even begin to take on such a role myself…”

“I know. And we can figure it out together.” Kaine replied.

“Coming up through the clouds. The City is visible.” Tracks said over the radio to the passengers.

“YES!!!!!!!!” J cheered from his seat

Cassie gasped. “The City of Passion…”

“Epic! Just like they said! Flying city!” Rex laughed.

“Ohhhhhhh I can't WAIT to see my Raiders! And have them find out Kaine and Cassie are getting MARRIED! And see my Eva again!” J exclaimed

“Look out the window! Oh man it's beautiful!” Kaine exclaimed as the helicopter circled around the flying city in the light of a golden sunset.

Cassie and J each ran to a window and gasped in complete surprise at what they saw. The once inanimate, underwater city was now in the sky! And alive! And as Kaine said...beautiful!

“Woooooowwwwwwwwww…” J breathed

Cassie was blown away by the beauty and splendor of the City, and couldn't believe it was real! And this is where she would be living now?! It was the most glorious city she ever laid eyes upon…

“By the stars…” she gasped

They went in for a landing at the designated helicopter landing zone and it powered down. Crosshairs left everything up to Tracks and came up to retrieve Angel and guide the four young teens through the city.

“Lookin' better than a few weeks ago. Repairs are coming along amazingly.” Crosshairs said as he hauled up Angel’s cage into his arms. “Come on, guys. Let's get up to the villa.”

Cassie and J looked around in fascination and awe, captivated by this magical city. To Cassie, she started to feel at home here. This...felt right to her.

They walked through the City and Crosshairs simply just walked into a lavish villa.

“Hey guys! Guess who's here?!” Crosshairs called out loudly.

The Raiders and Ellie all came out and they stopped in their track as soon as they laid eyes on Cassie and J. They noticed Kaine and Rex in the background too but all they could focus on were their two beloved Raiders. They couldn't believe it! They were anticipating and hoping for J but not Cassie! They hoped for it but they weren't sure if it would actually happen. But it did! What a delightful and wonderful surprise!

J’s heart was pounding hard with complete happiness and Cassie was completely speechless as her eyes met the four beloved Raiders that she once thought were dead.

“Oh my gosh…..” Shay gasped

“JJ!” Eva cried as she first ran to her boyfriend and hugged him close.

“Eva! Oh baby….” J choked as the two of them started to cry

“Princess C….You’re free! You're really free! Oh Cassie!” JaMarcus was smiling huge and on the verge of tears as he ran over and gave Cassie a huge hug. He immediately started to cry, overwhelmingly happy to see that she was finally free!

Shay and Da’Rell ran over and gave Cassie a hug as well, holding her close. Da’Rell especially had been missing Cassie and was eager to see her again! He was so glad that she had been freed!

Cassie was already teary eyed before being hugged but as soon as JaMarcus hugged her and Shay and Da’Rell joined in, she broke down in tears.

“....I missed you all so much” Cassie squeaked as she continue to cry, “I can't believe you are all alive. Oh by the stars I missed you all so much…I have my whole Raiders family back together…” her body shook as she wept

“We missed you too, Princess C” Shay replied as she tightened her grip

“We got you now, Princess C. We got you now. Osiris ain't ever gonna touch you again. We’re here to protect you and take care of you. Ain't noone gonna separate us again” JaMarcus smiled weakly as he kept hugging Cassie

Ellie smiled shyly at what was going on.

Crosshairs smiled before he walked off to take Angel to Ellie’s room.

Kaine and Rex were also smiling, feeling happy for these teens now that they were all back together again.

After lots of hugging and kissing, Eva and J eventually joined in the group hug, and all six Raiders were holding each other, feeling so incredibly happy that they were together again, and free together!

Cassie pulled back and wiped away some tears, although her cheeks were so wet that it was pointless. She looked at what JaMarcus was wearing and sniffed as she calmed down.

“You look so strange in a dress…” she said softly

JaMarcus, Shay, Eva and Da’Rell all laughed out loud. “I knowwwwww! Price I gotta pay here!”

“Mannnnnn you're telling me I gotta wear THAT?!?!” J laughed

“Just wear shorts underneath, dude! Trust me. Just do it!” Da’Rell laughed

“Yeahhhhhh okay! I gotta show you guys somethin’ epic” J grinned. He pulled back from the group hug and removed his shirt, revealing his Bollywood inspired tattoo with the tiger and a beautiful Indian woman that looked just like Eva.

“Woaaaah!” Rex and Kaine said in awe.

“She looks like Eva.” Ellie said

Eva gasped and became speechless while JaMarcus, Shay and Da’Rell drooled over the artistic beauty of the piece.

“Woooahhhhhh….” Da’Rell gasped

“It's STUNNING! Snap, crackle and POP it's so beautiful!” Shay exclaimed

“Duuuuuuuude! That tat is GORG! Osiris marked you?!” JaMarcus asked

“My punishment for trying to bust Cassie out” J explained, “I was so dang close to until Cassius caught me. Mannnnnn it hurt like HELL! Took two whole days to do and mannnnnnn did it HURT! But Cassie was able to be there for me for the first day and it really helped, especially when I thought about Eva. Axe couldn't figure out the woman’s face but Cassie- being the smart and kind mind that I know she is” J smiled at Cassie, “Got Axe to draw in Eva’s facial features...We both agreed that this tattoo would be a way to honor and remember Eva...when we both thought she was dead…But it was Cassie’s idea…”  

“That is still so epic.” Kaine said. “Now it can mean much more than a memorial.”

“Duuuuuudeeeeee….that is SO beautiful!” JaMarcus exclaimed, “Mannnnnn you are a TROOPER for puttin’ up with all that! It turned out to be in your favor fo sho!”

Eva was completely touched by this beautiful gesture and couldn't believe how stunning she looked in traditional Indian attire and how J endured it for her. And Cassie for coming up with the idea!

“It’s so special and stunning and beautiful” Eva squeaked as she clung to J and cried before going over to Cassie and giving her a huge hug.

“Thank you so much…” she said in a weak voice

Cassie smiled as she hugged her back. She was so happy to see Eva and J back together again.

Eva sniffed as she let go of Cassie and looked back over at J. “You look so hot that way too….We are so making out later” she told him

JaMarcus, Shay and Da’Rell laughed and oooooohed in amusement.

“Get em, girl!” Shay laughed

“I'm looking forward to it” J grinned wide

Cassie just snorted and chuckled. She then spotted Ellie and smiled as she walked over to her.

“You must be Eloise, Ellie, the girl who Da’Rell’s heart belongs to” Cassie said. “As I am sure you figured out, I am ‘Princess C’. Cassie will do. Thank you so very much for being so sweet and for what you have done for Da’Rell...he looks wonderful” she took her hand and kissed it gently as she inclined her head

Ellie got incredibly shy at that and said something quietly as she hid her face with her hair.

“Awwwwww somebody’s shy” Da’Rell smiled as he walked over and put his arm around Ellie, kissing the top of her head. “She's our Fluttershy. And I'm her Big Mac” he chuckled

Cassie chuckled as well. “Do not be shy, Fluttershy...I am only just a girl like you. Minus the long ears and royal birth and everything that makes me an elf” she chuckled

Crosshairs laughed. “She's always been that way.”

“And I would never do anything to change it” she smiled. “Oh how I am happy to see all of you so happy and so in love...Having my entire Raiders family back together, when I earlier today did not even have hope...I am happy...and I am at peace…”

“And Cassie...You get to be with your love again” JaMarcus smiled, “You don't have to worry about when you’ll see him again! You’ll have him right there for you! All the time! It makes everything so worth it!”

“And it doesn't stop there, JMarc….” J smiled big, “Kaine, tell them…”

“Well I hope I'd be there for Cassie all the time. Considering we’re getting married.” Kaine stated.

The Raiders’ eyes all got wide and their jaws dropped.

“Nooooooo wayyyyyy…..” Da’Rell gasped

“Kaine….Cassie…” Shay gasped

“Oh my goshhhhhhhhhh….” Eva gasped, “Ohhhhhhhh my gOOOOSHHH!!! No way!!!” she squealed as she ran over and hugged Cassie tight, “That’s amazing! Oh I am so happy for you!”

“Woooooowwwwww…. Don't get me wrong, I’m happy for ya’ll...but why so soon?” JaMarcus asked

“You know the details better than I do, J…” Kaine said.

“Kaine is a literal knight… Cassie’s emerald knight” J began, “He, Ash and Rex all came and rescued us and got us to San Diego and then on our way here….You guys...Cassie being saved today was so important and critical that I can't even completely describe it...Since losing Eva, Madoras has upped his game, was dead set on making Cassie his wife and Empress and put love potion in her wine during their companion sessions so that she would love him and be willing to marry him. And clever little B, it worked. Cassie fought it but today, she was hopeless. Defeated. Given up. She was so sure that her and Kaine were over with and she had no choice but to marry Madoras to protect the elves that he threatened to harm. Kaine saved her big time and helped me talk her out of a major panic attack and from wanting to go back to Osiris and resume her ‘relationship’ with the Overlord...And by marrying her, Kaine will have her...not Madoras…”

The Raiders all stared blankly at J, completely stunned by this story. For JaMarcus and Shay especially, this was a huge escalation!

JaMarcus swore several times. “That son of a-!” he growled, “Cassie was right about him all along! In a way! He always wanted her for something! I KNEW there was something messed up about those stupid ‘companion’ visits! Mannnn screw the Overlord BIG TIME! Kaine, how can we ever thank you, man?” JaMarcus asked as he walked over and clapped Kaine’s shoulder, “What you did was HUGE.”

“She didn't believe me at first and I didn't have an engagement ring or any other kind of ring so I pulled the class ring off my finger and used that and she finally realized I was serious.” Kaine said.

“And I gotta Raiders...We need to be dang proud of our Princess C…” J grinned, “She realized that what Kaine and I said was right and she took a big leap of courage by agreeing to marry Kaine…”

Cassie nodded and inclined her head. “J is right...I did lose hope...And for a while I lost myself...But now I have been found again, and it's such a peaceful thing...I do not think I would have changed my stubborn mind had it not been for Kaine and J...Kaine helped me see that since my parents are absent, I am the ruler of the elves...And if I married Madoras, I would give that control over to him...and by the stars I will NOT have that...Those are my people….I was scared and I doubted at first, but I remembered who I truly was, and remembered that JaMarcus would not want me to give myself and my happiness up, and that I loved Kaine with all my heart and was humbled that he forgave me for showing affection to Madoras...The amount of love he has for me is beyond measure and is the love I have always longed for… I am still kind of scared, but decided to show the most amount of courage that I ever did and say ‘yes’ to marrying him…”

The Raiders grinned wide, JaMarcus more than the others. They were so proud of her for doing this! They knew it was hard for her but finally she understood!

“Cassie...girlllllllll….I can't even tell you how proud I am of you right now” JaMarcus smiled as he gave her another big hug, “THAT is what I am talking about! THAT is the heart of a Sapphire! I promise you that no matter what, it's gonna pay off. You deserve so much to be happy like the rest of us, and us Raiders have your back all day every day. You're safe here with us. You never have to be afraid or stressed any more.”

Cassie smiled and hugged him back, feeling good about the words JaMarcus said. “Thank you, JMarc...I love all of you so much”

“And we love you too, Princess C” Da’Rell smiled

“Well gosh! When's the wedding?!” Eva asked

“As soon as the Stronghammer family and Charmaine get here and the Scorpion retrieval team.” Kaine replied.

“Awesooooomeeeeee!!!!! Oh I can't wait! We gotta start planning!” Eva exclaimed as she and the other Raiders started talking excitedly about wedding plans

Cassie chuckled at their enthusiasm and smiled as she began to feel more and more at peace with herself. She had her whole Raiders family back...with a new friend in Ellie...She was going to see Charmaine and the Stronghammers again...She was away from Madoras and the haunting and confused feelings she got from him and the continued shame of kissing him against her own true will...She was away from Osiris and all the miseries within...And most of all, she was loved dearly by Kaine despite what she did and he was going to save her AND their people by marrying her...Freedom never tasted this sweet…
JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 131
In this chapter, Cassie has a major panic attack and feels that she must return to Osiris back to Madoras. Kaine desperately tries to convince her otherwise and succeeds. By asking her to marry him :iconawwloveplz: :iconmonkeyloveplz: :iconifeelfluffyplz: And when they get to the City of Passion, Cassie and J have a sweet reunion with their Raiders family :iconawwloveplz:

Kaine, Rex, Tracks, Crosshairs, Angel and Ellie belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Cassie and the Raiders belong to me
Back in the United States, in Texas, Ash had brought the horses back to his grandparents' house and he found his phone. Charmaine had blown it up with all kinds of messages.

The phone started ringing again and Ash answered it. “Hello?”

“ASHIE!!!!!” Charmaine cried on the other end. She had been worried sick about Ash not responding to any of her messages and had freaked out big time earlier that day. She was relieved to finally hear his voice but that relief quickly turned into rage. “WHERE HAVE YEW BEEN?!?!?!”

“Uhhhh…I’m in Texas right now… at my grandparents house?” Ash replied.

“WHHHHHAAAATTTTTTT?!?!?!” she screeched. She then yelled something in Korean. “YEW WENT TO YER GRAM AND GRAMPS RANCH IN TEXAS AND DIDN’T BOTHER TO TELL ME?!?!?!”

“Well to be fair, we were here earlier so we could borrow some horses and I forgot my phone here then me, Kaine and Rex went to Mexico to save the princess. We got her and made it to San Diego and Kaine and Rex are going with Cassie and J to a safe place. And I just brought the horses back here to Texas…” Ash said.

Charmaine’s rage disappeared and her face softened on the other line as she took in what Ash said. She couldn't believe it! Cassie and J were free! They saved Cassie from Osiris!

“Oh…..Oh that's amazin’, amazin’ news...All the Raiders are free and are gonna be safe and together again….and Cassie is free...and can be with Kaine again, never to worry about amulet missions or missin’ him or findin’ ways to see him again…” Charmaine said softly

“Yeah, which is why we took off with zero warnin' 'cause we needed to get stuff together real fast and save the princess…”

“I see now...Ash...I’m real sorry for screechin’ at yew and bein’ so angry at yew...I’m so glad yer ok...I was cryin’ and freakin’ out all mornin’....I...I was so scared that Osiris took yew….” Charmaine’s voice cracked before she started to cry, all the built up stress and tension finally being released

“Don't worry, darlin'. I’ll make it up to yew and I’ll be over real soon, okay? Then I’ll take ya to San Diego and we can wait for the crew to get back from Mexico and then we'll go somewhere special. Okay?”

“Okay….” Charmaine sniffled, “Come back safe, my handsome cowboy. I love yew.”

“I love you too, cutie-chu.” he smiled

After the call ended, Charmaine went downstairs to get a glass of lemonade, a comfort drink.

“Is everything ok, sweetheart?” Kelly asked, concerned. She and Nate had tried to reassure her that Ash was okay but her drama queen antics were difficult to calm when she got so riled up.

“Yeah….Ashie is okay…” Charmaine replied, “He, Kaine and Rex had to leave town real fast to save Cassie and J from the next amulet mission in Mexico...They got em both, Momma...They’re finally free from Osiris, and Cassie gets to be with Kaine again…Ashie is gonna be home real soon and take me down to San Diego and then somewhere special after that with the amulet crew since I was so upset and scared…”

“Hey that's great!” Nate smiled from the living room, “I’m so glad that Cassie and J are free! Especially Cassie! She was the hardest one!”

“And that's great Ash is gonna take you somewhere with the crew! Maybe you can say hi to Tag, Liddy and Micky while you're down there” Kelly smiled

“I will! I better go get ready to go. I missed my cowboy so much!” Charmaine exclaimed as she ran up the stairs with her lemonade

Nate and Kelly chuckled as they watched her go back upstairs.

“Crisis solved...Thank goodness” Kelly sighed in relief

“With all the screechin’ and cryin’ she did today...I could use a break from our little drama queen” Nate laughed, “Ash is doing us a favor!”

“Definitely!” Kelly laughed, “She’ll go back to normal once she sees her Ashie again!”

Twenty minutes later, Ash showed up.

“ASHIEEEEE!!!!!” Charmaine exclaimed as she ran to him and pounced on him, knocking him over as she gave him a huge hug.

Ash chuckled as he hugged Charmaine back. “Hey there, cutie! Hope you don't mind but we might be gone for a few days. That okay?” he asked, glancing back at Nate and Kelly.

“Yeah!” Kelly smiled

“You're doing us a favor!” Nate laughed, “We’re glad everything worked out ok and you guys successfully rescued Cassie and J. That's great news!”

“Yeah. And I'm keeping our destination a secret.” he told Charmaine. “San Diego is just the stop in the middle.”

“Okaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! I gotta go pack more thinnnngsssss!!!!!” Charmaine exclaimed as she let go of Ash and ran up the stairs. In five minutes, she was back.

“Aaaaasssshhhhh!!! What's unfair is I didn't get to see yew ridin’ on a horse! I bet yew looked so hoooootttttt!!!!” Charmaine squealed

Nate and Kelly laughed out loud at this.

“Nah what's not fair is that you missed cowboy KAINE.” Ash laughed.

“Cowboy KAINE?!?!?! Ooooohhhhhh I gotta ask Cassie what she thought about thaaaaaaattttt!!!!” Charmaine exclaimed, “I bet she just looooooooooved it! Yew gotta take selfies next times on ya’lls horses all gussied up like that!”

“Yeah cuz that's the first thing on a teen boy’s mind!” Nate laughed

Ash laughed. “I’ll try to remember. You ready to go?” he asked.

“Yes I ammmmmm!” Charmaine smiled

“Have fun, honey!” Kelly smiled, “And stay safe and together with everyone!”

“And stay out of trouble!” Nate laughed

“A course Iiiiiiiii wiiiillllllll!!!!” Charmaine laughed as she and Ash walked out the front door.

When they got to Ash’s truck, Charmaine pulled Ash close for a kiss. He chuckled and kissed her back before driving back to his home and they got out and walked toward the backyard.

“Ash, when I tell yew I love yew, I really, really, really mean it” she told him, “Yer so precious and wonderful and important to me….I got all shaken up after Section 13 was attacked and I had family and friends have to move to San Diego to stay safe...It showed me that yew never know what could happen so cling to the ones yew love most and never let em forget how much yew love them” she said with seriousness and sincerity in her brown eyes

“Yew ain't gonna lose me, Char. I love you.” he said before putting an arm around her shoulders and he pulled her close and kissed the side of her head.

Charmaine smiled big and leaned her head against him, feeling warm inside. She loved hearing him speak Elvish. It gave her chills every time.

“I love you too, my handsome cowboy. You make my life sweeter than apple pie.” she replied

He smiled and he made her watch her step as they stepped into a ring of mushrooms.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Yeeeahhhh….Are we...going magic?” she gasped

“Yeah. Fae portal.” he said as a visible portal appeared.

“Whooooaaaaaaaa!!!!” Charmaine exclaimed, her brown eyes twinkling with fascination, “Yay magic yaaaaayyyyy!!!”

Ash laughed as the walked through and came out in the alley he and his brothers had come out in earlier in San Diego.

“Wooooooowwwwww!!!! That is sooooo cooooooool!!!” Charmaine squealed, “Now I get how ya’ll went from San Fran to Texas to Mexico to San Diego and then yew back to Texas and San Fran so fast!”

“Yeah. Come on. Captain Black is expecting us at the base.” he said as he lead Charmaine out of the alley and over to the San Diego Navy base.

At Osiris, the Overlord was furious. Absolutely livid.

He was pacing back and forth in front of the retrieval team in a rage. When Cassie had been there…things had never gotten that bad…

“Do you think he actually really loved Cassie?” Cardinal asked her other team members quietly, “I mean he's never given us anything special. But he's seemed to dote on her and kiss her plenty” she sneered

The Overlord heard her and became fully focused on just her.

“Excuse me?”

The others scooted away from Cardinal.

Cardinal looked up at him and she shook a little in fright.

“W-w-wellllll it’s not faaaairrrr...I can't get any hot guy” she complained, “And Cassie’s this beautiful elf princess. You seem really upset that she's gone. Did you love her?” she repeated her question to him

He slapped her across the face. “You dare complain of such trivialities to me?! And you speak as if I owe you an explanation?! Your orders were to protect her! Yet your petty jealousy and pride kept you from going after her when she was being taken! Only Cassius attempted to retrieve her from our enemies!”

Cardinal shrank back in fear and looked up at him as she held her stinging face.

“I-I-I’m sorry, my liege….” she squeaked

“Leave my sight!” he snapped.

“Y-y-yes, my lord” Cardinal said quietly as she turned around and quickly ran out of the throne room, her brown wings flapping behind her

“That goes for you useless rats as well!” the Overlord shouted and the rest of the team ran out after her, leaving only Cassius behind.

“My liege… I learned that Naga desecrated the grave of my brother…”

“No, Cassius.”

“But my lord!”

“I said no. You will leave Naga be. I cannot have my officers fighting amongst themselves! Now leave. Ensure that the amulet makes it to the vault.”

Cassius bowed his head in defeat. “Yes, my lord.” he said before turning and leaving the room. He knew what had to be done…

Lorraine was sitting in Cassius’ room bored out of her mind when Cassius walked in and grabbed a leather messenger bag.

“Prepare to leave upon my return.” Cassius said.

“What?” Lorraine said shocked

“You will never see this place again. We are leaving.” he stated.


“Do as I say and do not question me.” Cassius cut her off before he walked out the door.

Lorraine looked at the door shocked before she quickly scrambled to grab a few things.
JCA Magic Exposure: Chapter 130
In this chapter, Ash deals with a very angry Charmaine but is able to calm her down and the two travel to San Diego to travel to the City of Passion together once the amulet retrieval team returns. Back at Osiris, the Overlord Madoras is FURIOUS for Cassie- his future Empress- being taken away. Also, Lorraine and Cassius leave Osiris. But why?!

Ash, the Overlord, the Osiris amulet retrieval team and Lorraine belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Charmaine, Nate and Kelly belong to me
Hey everyone!

I removed my fanfiction The Glory of Love from Deviantart but it still exists in the Internet-verse! I redid parts of the story and added new content, helping set the stage for some sequel stories that I plan on doing with :iconbikermicechick: after we finish book one of JCA: Magic Exposure! ^^ The Glory of Love (which, to those of you who don't know, is a Kaysha x DJ Fist story) can now be found on Wattpad under my username SireneSanra! Check it out! I might repost it here on DA someday. We'll see! ^^;

Happy weekend! ^3^



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