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Taggart and Lydia McStone  by kaysharodriguez Taggart and Lydia McStone :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 2 3
The Glory of Love: Alternate Ending Part Three
The Glory of Love: Alternate Ending Part Three
We were back at our house for my graduation party. I wanted to keep it small, just my family and close friends. It was going awesome! I got a ton of great gifts and cards and was shy to open them in front of everyone. I'm shy of this kind of attention but hey, if I could get through a speech, I could get through that.
While my Dad was grilling on the deck, with Hak Foo, Larry and Tohru assisting him, a bunch of us were about to play volleyball on the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect out. It's gonna be a goooooood night!
We were randomly assigned to teams and DJ and I were assigned to opposite teams!
“You might be the star of the day, pretty girl, but that doesn't mean I won't be competitive" DJ smirked.
I laughed. “Neither will I! This girl be on FIRE today! Ya’ll are goin’ DOWN!” she teased.
“Yeahhhhhh! We’re gonna kick your butt, DJ!” Cobra teased.
DJ laughed. “Let's
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The Glory of Love Alternate Ending Part Two
The Glory of Love: Alternate Ending Part Two
We were on our way to the University of San Diego, where graduation would be held. It was awesome riding in the limo! Ice and Cobra were completely giddy with excitement, which was making me laugh. Those two are so funny! It is helping me relax though! I always love it when all my family gets together and spends time together! And I do consider the Ice Crew family for sure. Ice and Cobra are my big brothers.
“My heavens, Andrew! If you bounce around anymore, you're gonna cause an earthquake!” Tag teased.
Ice laughed out loud. “Yo, man! I can't help it! I LOVE ridin’ in this thang!”
“I need to take you and your boys out more often then!” Larry grinned, “Take a spin around Beverly Hills, maybe Rodeo Drive!”
“Yo! You ask and we’ll be there!” Cobra exclaimed.
DJ was nuzzling my neck and giving it little kisses here and there.
“I can't wait to see you do your sp
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Sweet and Sassy! by kaysharodriguez Sweet and Sassy! :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 1 3
The Glory of Love: Alternate Ending Part One
The Glory of Love: Alternate Ending, Part One
Several months passed by. Life has finally come back to normal! Sheila and Chang and their little posse are behind bars and shouldn't be a problem for us anymore! The man who freed Jackie Chan and company out of Daolon Wong’s prison turned out to be My Yung's son! Crazy, huh?! Section 13 rewarded the both of them for their heroism and while the son went on to pursue the arts in Europe (totally didn't expect THAT!), My Yung moved to San Francisco so that she could be near Uncle again. The two of them became such good friends!
As for me? First of all, Cassie and Charmaine were jealous of my magical adventure and me saving the world from dark magic haha! I told them that trust me, it is GOOD that this whole adventure is done! It got intense near the end and I will be thrilled to never see another member of the Bogsuui Jeonsa ever again. And I know DJ agrees with me wholeheartedly. I will say though, this whole adventure has made
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Kaine and Cassie  by kaysharodriguez Kaine and Cassie :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 2 3 McPeek 3 by kaysharodriguez McPeek 3 :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 2 3 Ice Crew Chibi by kaysharodriguez Ice Crew Chibi :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 1 3 Merry Christmas 2016! by kaysharodriguez Merry Christmas 2016! :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 0 4 DJ Fist and Kaysha Converse Kiss by kaysharodriguez DJ Fist and Kaysha Converse Kiss :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 0 2 As Long As You Love Me by kaysharodriguez As Long As You Love Me :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 1 3
The Glory of Love: Chapter Twenty Eight
Today is the day. OUR WEDDING DAY! Am I sure I’m not dreamin’? Nope! This is the real thang! I was gettin’ ready in one of the clubhouse rooms in Stanford’s basketball venue. Lydia was brilliant in recommending this place to be married in! DJ and I both love basketball and the idea of being married near where we first met is so romantic. And my family- especially Charmaine and Cassie- loved that they were finally visiting the San Francisco area! I felt like a princess today. Charmaine finished my makeup which was kept simply but elegantly and Cassie was wavin’ my hair- DJ really loves my hair down so I decided to wear it down today! My mom handmade my dress herself and I had on metallic blue canvas shoes. Cassie thought it’d be more me and she was right! I also decided to wear the same Britney Spears perfume that I wore to Banquet last year and the purple Korean necklace that Uncle Larry bought for me last year as well. It really represents m
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The Glory of Love: Chapter Twenty Seven
Several months passed by after Daolon Wong and company were defeated. A real grateful Nathaniel held a big dinner to thank us for all that we did and especially rewarded My Yung and the guard who snuck us out of the castle prison (turns out, they were mom and son!) for their heroics. They moved up to Seattle so that My Yung could be reunited with Halmoni Hy although she promised to keep in touch. She and Uncle became good friends and enjoyed oil painting and bingo together a few times.
Kaysha graduated from Skyview with another basketball championship, a high GPA and a scholarship to UCLA. I’m so proud of her! Even with all the travelin’ we did for the Triangles, someone else ended up winnin’ the $1,000 scholarship but the scholarship to UCLA was worth way more! It was tough for Kaysha to decide between Pepperdine, UCLA and the University of San Diego (as she considered that in order to stay close by me) but in the end she followed her heart and went went UCL
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The Glory of Love: Chapter Twenty Six
I sat in DJ’s lap as My Yung and Uncle worked together on a locator spell to find out where our enemies were. We heard a report come in over international radio that there was a bunch of terrorizing that had gone on in Europe and was movin’ out. Daolon Wong and friends, I’m sure! These Triangles grant invincibility and great power so these guys are unstoppable which is super scary! If we thought runnin’ from gunshots was too intense, this was gonna be even worse! But we gotta stop em somehow. The prophecy is countin’ on me! DJ is countin’ on me. I’m so glad that DJ, Tag and the others found us. It feels so wonderful to be in DJ’s arms again. I can’t believe what Sheila made him go through, thinkin’ that I was gone for good. If she told me somethin’ like that, I would be completely heartbroken! It’s up to me to help heal DJ from the pain that he went through. He filled me in on what happened with them. Bless
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Micky McStone Sketchdump by kaysharodriguez Micky McStone Sketchdump :iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 0 2
The Glory of Love: Chapter Twenty Five
Hours later, I woke up and found myself inside. Am I in Paradise? I freaked out for a moment. Then I realized I was still alive and on Earth. I was in a room and had an oxygen mask around my mouth. I felt real warm and was lying on a nice comfortable bed. Where am I? Did somebody find us? What a miracle if somebody did!
“Ah, it’s so good to see you awake” I heard a woman’s voice say. I soon saw an older Korean woman smiling gently and standing above me. Was this the lady who found us? “When you are feeling better I must know more about you. Perhaps it was fate that actually brought you here.”
Hours later, my breathing improved to the point where my mask was taken off. I can’t believe I’m still alive! I had warm clothes on and stayed bundled up in a comfy Sherpa blanket as I was given a warm meal to eat. Boy was I hungry! I noticed that Lydia was in the same room and was doing better as well.
“Thank you so much for saving us!”
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Taggart and Lydia McStone
A picture I drew of Kaysha, Charmaine and Cassie's beloved Uncle Tag, secret agent for Section 13, and Aunt Lydia! :D

Lydia McStone belongs to me
Taggart "Agent Tag" McStone belongs to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
The Glory of Love: Alternate Ending Part Three


We were back at our house for my graduation party. I wanted to keep it small, just my family and close friends. It was going awesome! I got a ton of great gifts and cards and was shy to open them in front of everyone. I'm shy of this kind of attention but hey, if I could get through a speech, I could get through that.

While my Dad was grilling on the deck, with Hak Foo, Larry and Tohru assisting him, a bunch of us were about to play volleyball on the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect out. It's gonna be a goooooood night!

We were randomly assigned to teams and DJ and I were assigned to opposite teams!

“You might be the star of the day, pretty girl, but that doesn't mean I won't be competitive" DJ smirked.

I laughed. “Neither will I! This girl be on FIRE today! Ya’ll are goin’ DOWN!” she teased.

“Yeahhhhhh! We’re gonna kick your butt, DJ!” Cobra teased.

DJ laughed. “Let's do an analysis here: Kaysha’s team has you, Charmaine, Cassie and Lydia. My team has Ice, Tag, Viper, and Finn. I don't think you guys have a chance!”

“Oh reaaaaaaaally? You are SO underestimating my mad skills, Dominic!” Cassie smirked.

“Mine too!” Charmaine exclaimed.

“And mine! I got mad skills too, duh!” Cobra added.

Tag chuckled. “Oh you guys get so easily distracted that you have no chance!”

“HA! Can you walk that talk, Taggart Christopher?” Lydia smirked.

“Indeed I can, Lydia Marie! Game on!” Tag grinned.

We all got into position. Captain Black was our referee and gave the ball to us first to serve.

Jackie, Chow, Ratso, Li, Uncle, My Yung, Jade and Micky were sitting nearby to watch us.

“I'm going for Team Kaysha!” Micky exclaimed.

“I got Team DJ! Sorry Kaysh! It's not personal!” Jade giggled.

“My Yung just wants to see good volleyball!” My Yung laughed.

“And good volleyball you’ll get, My Yung! Guaranteed!” I laughed.

I threw the ball up and served it over the net. Here we go!

The ball went back and forth for awhile until DJ tried to spike it over the net. I jumped up for the block and spiked it successfully in return!

“Woo! Nice job, Kaysh!” Lydia cheered.

“Oh yeah! Still don't think we have a chance, pretty boy?” I smirked at DJ.

“Ohhhhh the battle has yet to begin!” DJ laughed.

Tag took the ball next and served it over the net. The game got more interesting as points were getting scored on each side. This was truly becoming more competitive! But everyone was giving it their all! Which made it more fun!

We were down to a tie. Next point scored would win the game!

“Alright, guys, what should we do to win this match?” Lydia asked as me and the rest of our team were huddled together.

“Pull a fast one! Those guys will expect me to try to spike it. Let Cassie go in for the win. I believe in her!” I grinned.

“I believe in me too!” Cassie grinned as well.

Lydia laughed. “I like it! I say we do it!”

“Discussing the fastest way to lose, Lydia darling?!” Tag yelled out in jest as he and his team were smirking at us.

We laughed as we broke our huddle and turned to face him.

“Yeah right! More like discussing how to whoop your guys’ butts REAL GOOD!” Cobra taunted.

“Oh please try to bring it on!” DJ laughed.

“As you wish, my handsome boy!” I smirked as I took the ball. I served it up and all eyes were now focused on the ball.

Viper hit it over the net and Charmaine hit it right back. Ice was the next one to retaliate but Cobra served it right over.

The back and forth went on for a couple minutes until Viper hit it from the back court. We could tell it was going to hit somewhere in front of our side of the net.

I started to run towards it as if I was going to spike it over. I think DJ expected this because he quickly got into position. I smirked as I quickly turned away and Cassie came up behind me and jumped up high in the air, spiking the ball down on the other side perfectly. Game over! We won!

“Yesssssssssssssss!!!” Cassie cheered as she pumped a fist in the air.

“Ahhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!!! We rock! We rock!” Cobra cheered as well.

Charmaine and Lydia were just as excited.

“Yo dudes! They pulled a fast one on us! Dang!” Ice complained.

“Soooooo….what was that again about us not having a chance?” I teased DJ as I came over to his side.

He mock rolled his eyes but then laughed and picked me up into his arms.

“Okay okay, you guys did good. That move at the end was pretty sweet. You're lucky I love you so much!” DJ teased as he nuzzled my face, which made me start laughing and squealing.

“Aiyahhhhhh! Just kiss her already!” Uncle complained.

“Yes yes! My Yung looooooves seeing young people kiss!” My Yung exclaimed.

We both laughed out loud at their silly remarks.

“Well then, we best not disappoint!” I teased.

DJ chuckled and grinned as he pulled me closer to him and pressed his lips against mine. We both started kissing quite passionately, exaggerating the kisses a bit out of fun.

“Ohhhhhh yeah! There you go, Kaysha!” Larry laughed.

“Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!” Jade and Micky teased before they giggled.

“My heavens! You're going to upset the birds!” Tag teased.

We started shaking with laughter which force us to break our kiss.

“REALLY, Tag? The BIRDS?!” I laughed.

“Don't mind him, Kaysh! He’s ALWAYS been delusional!” Dad called out from the deck.

“And you haven't been?!” Tag laughed.

“Fellas, fellas, please! We all know that Larry Franklin is the most sensible of us three!” Larry teased.

We all laughed at this. My family and friends ROCK!

We eventually had an amazing BBQ dinner, which was soooooo good. We all ate outside, which was perfect! Afterwards, we had a delicious cake and played a bunch of games inside. Pool, video games, cards. I truly had the time of my life, and felt so grateful for all the wonderful people that I had in my life.


At the end of the night, after everyone had gone home, Tag and Lydia, who were staying at the McPeek house in the guest bedroom, were helping Nate and Kelly clean up. Ice, Cobra, Cassie and Charmaine were downstairs playing Mario Kart, and Kaysha and I were outside on the deck having some much anticipated alone time. It was a beautiful night. The temps were perfect, the skies were clear with twinkling skies scattered about, and the waves were crashing gently on the shore. This was so peaceful and so romantic!

“Today was an absolutely incredible day!” Kaysha sighed happily as she snuggled up closer to me.

I grinned and held her close as she sat comfortably in my lap.

“It was, I had a really great time. I am so excited to see where the future takes us, pretty girl. With magic and Sheila and crew out of the way, it should be good vibes only from here on out!” I replied.

“Yessssssss! I am SO ready for it, handsome! I can't wait for UCLA but in the meantime, I look forward to summertime and spending lots of time with you! Maybe we can make another trip up to San Fran to spend with our Section 13 friends!” Kaysha said.

“I’d be down for that” I smiled. “As long as I'm with you I don't care where we go.”

Kaysha grinned as she kissed my lips, which I eagerly returned.

After we kissed, she snuggled back up with me.

“Jackie was right though earlier. I really do have a great life. It got crazy with the whole Triangles quest but it all ended up being for good. It's gonna be so nice to just relax and enjoy a new chapter in my life. As long as I'm with you, I know we’ll always be ok even if something crazy gets thrown out way.”
Kaysha said.

I smiled again and kissed her cheek.
“No question about it” I replied.

Kaysha smiled again and rested her head against me, sighing happily again. We held each other close and listened to the sound of the ocean while a gentle breeze passed by, just like it did after we shared our first kiss.

I started to think about how great my life was too. I mean, from jail to this in a little less than a year? I had it good. Real good. It still blows my mind!

I then started to think about how much I loved Kaysha and how she's changed my life for the better. Where would I be without her? Where would the whole crew and I be without her?
As I thought about it, an epiphany hit me. I gave it more thought and I became confident in my realization. I realized….that I wanted to marry Kaysha McPeek. I wanna have her by my side for the rest of my life.

I had no idea how I would even begin to propose, but I did know that I needed to buy a ring to keep on me for when that perfect moment arose. Tomorrow...Tomorrow….I would go buy a ring for my pretty girl.


A week and a half passed by. I was enjoying my summer vacation and Cassie and Charmaine were thrilled to now be on summer vacation as well. It was gonna ROCK!

It was a Saturday and I was at the Ice Crew crib for a video games tournament. We were gonna order pizza later on and just hang around like a bunch of bachelors! And a bachelorette.

“This is gonna be off the HOOK!” Ice said happily, “Lazay day ALL day!”

I laughed. “Sounds like a great off day to me! What are we gonna play first?”

“I was thinking we should play Call of Duty! I’m in a shootin’ mood!” Cobra laughed, “What do you guys think?”

“Sounds good to me!” DJ said.

“Yeah me too! Let's do it!” I grinned.

We all sat down on the couch and Ice was putting in the disc. My phone rang and I pulled it out of my pocket. It was My Yung!

“Hey My Yung!” I greeted happily as I hopped up from the couch and went into the kitchen. I was surprised that she was calling but I can't complain about hearing from friends!

“Kaysha!” My Yung cried frantically, “The Triangles! We’ve been duped! I misunderstood! I misunderstood!”

“Whoa whoa, calm down, My Yung. What are you talking about?” I asked, confused and a little startled.

“The Triangles! My Yung thought they would permanently banish ALL dark magic! But it didn't! And WON’T! My Yung has willies that something BAD is entering our world!” My Yung cried.

I started to worry. What?! The Triangles didn't permanently banish dark magic?!

“My gosh….well….I don't know what to tell ya, My Yung. That's crazy but until something hits there's nothing we can do” I stated.

“My Yung wishes she knew what evil was coming but I don't….just….be careful, Kaysha, be very careful. We must ALL ready ourselves for what's coming our way!”

“Okay, My Yung….I’ll talk to you later….” I said as I hung up.

“Kaysha? What's up?” DJ asked looking concerned. Ice and Cobra were looking at me in the same way.

I stared blankly for a moment before answering them.

“I don't know how she found out but My Yung….My Yung said that the Triangles DIDN’T permanently banish all dark magic...And won't ever be able to do so….and that she didn't know what but something evil was entering our world….” I replied.

The three of them got wide eyes and gasped.

“Wait, what?” Ice asked.

“How's that possible, yo?! Since when were ancient legends wrong?!” Cobra exclaimed.

“There must have been some misunderstanding or something...That's crazy….dang it, I thought we were done with magic…” DJ sighed.

“Gosh I know. But we have no way to prepare for what's coming! But I'm sure nothing is just gonna come to our doorstep right away and strike us! It might not even hit this country! We shouldn't ignore it but until it happens, I don't think we should worry about it” I said.

“Yeah….I agree….how 'bout we just start our game and forget about it?” DJ said.

“Yo I'm down for that” Ice said.

“Me too” I said as I sat down next to DJ.

We began playing and quickly got invested in the game, forgetting about the conversation we just had. We played for a couple hours before moving on to Super Smash Bros. I LOVE this game! So much fun!

We got into another round when all of a sudden, a black figure emerged from the shadows and into the living room and before any of us could react….we vanished.
The Glory of Love: Alternate Ending Part Three
The final part of my alternate ending for The Glory of Love! The end will lead into the beginning of my fanfic collab with :iconbikermicechick:!
The Glory of Love: Alternate Ending Part Two


We were on our way to the University of San Diego, where graduation would be held. It was awesome riding in the limo! Ice and Cobra were completely giddy with excitement, which was making me laugh. Those two are so funny! It is helping me relax though! I always love it when all my family gets together and spends time together! And I do consider the Ice Crew family for sure. Ice and Cobra are my big brothers.

“My heavens, Andrew! If you bounce around anymore, you're gonna cause an earthquake!” Tag teased.

Ice laughed out loud. “Yo, man! I can't help it! I LOVE ridin’ in this thang!”

“I need to take you and your boys out more often then!” Larry grinned, “Take a spin around Beverly Hills, maybe Rodeo Drive!”

“Yo! You ask and we’ll be there!” Cobra exclaimed.

DJ was nuzzling my neck and giving it little kisses here and there.

“I can't wait to see you do your speech, pretty girl” he said lowly, “I know you’ll do great. Just keep your head in the game like you did with the championship.”

I smiled and blushed a little. I love it when he nuzzles me and kisses my neck. “Thanks, DJ. I will. I got my lucky necklace on and our wristband. And I’ll try to look at you when I can. You're my inspiration for everything, after all.”

DJ grinned and kissed my cheek. “And you're mine as well” he said as he turned my face so that he could kiss my lips.

I smiled as I kissed him back. I ignored any teasing and any sounds of cameras snapping again. This was MY day to shine, and dang right I was gonna enjoy it how I pleased!

We finally made it to the University and got out of the limo. I had to go meet up with the fellow classmates who would be on stage with me, which included Jerome, the boys bball MVP, the Top Ten, and the Class President and Vice President.

“I’ll see you after the ceremony, DJ” I said as I hugged him.

“Good luck, Kaysh, can't wait to hug and kiss my beautiful graduate afterwards" DJ grinned, “I love you.”

“I love you too” I replied as we shared a kiss on the lips.

I then walked off and met up with the other students on the practice court not too far from the hockey rink, which is where the graduation would be held.

“Yo yo! There's K-Dizzle!” Jerome said happily as he gave me a high five and pulled me in for a small hug.

“Lookin’ lovely lovely, girl!” Mitchie smiled as she hugged me next.

I laughed. “Thanks, guys! Ya’ll be lookin’ good too! You ready for this?”

“Oh yeah! But then again, I don't gotta make a speech! Just go up and accept my diploma!” Mitchie laughed, “How 'bout you, Kay?”

“Oh gosh I'm nervous, but I got this!” I said, “I’ll be happy when it's over though. Just hope I don't pass out!”

“Yooooo girl, if you gonna be passin’ out over somethin’, it’ll be about a thought about your boy!” Jerome teased which made him and Mitchie laughed.

I laughed as well. “Oh J-Man! I am gonna be thinkin’ of him and lookin’ at him here and there. If I can find him anyways! But I always can find my boy” I chuckled. “I'm just so excited to graduate and goin’ off to UCLA! LA is gonna ROCK!”

“For sure!” Mitchie and Jerome agreed enthusiastically.


We were walking towards the hockey rink where graduation would be held at. We met up with Nate’s parents, Aaron and Lea McPeek, and Kelly’s parents, Jeff and Ann Underwood, and then we were joined by a familiar group of people. Jackie Chan and company!

“Hey hey!” Nate smiled as they came up.

“Hello, Nate!” Jackie smiled back, “It is good to see you again!”

“Hiiiiiiii guys!” Jade exclaimed as she ran up to me and the crew with a surprising guest: Micky!

“Hey Jade! And...Micky! What a surprise!” I exclaimed after giving Jade a hug.

“Timothy! Becky!” Tag said in surprise as he hugged his younger brother and sister in law. “We thought you were in Hong Kong!”

“Well we were, but a better position opened up in San Francisco so I took it!” Tim smiled, “And we didn't wanna miss out on all the graduation fun!”

“That's WONDERFUL, guys!” Lydia said excitedly, “Awesome awesome!”

“Looks like you guys already met!” I grinned at Jade and Micky.

“Yep! And we’re best buds! Aren't we, Jade?” Micky grinned at Jade as she gave her a hug.

“The best!” Jade replied as she hugged her back.

“Ah, so you're the Mickster Kaysha told us about!” Cassie smiled, “I'm Cassie, and this is Charmaine, we’re twins! And Kaysha’s little sisters.”

“Yeah she told me about you guys!” Micky smiled back, “It’s good to finally meet you! And are these handsome boys part of your crew?” she asked me as she looked at Ice and Cobra.

I laughed. “Yep! Strikemaster Ice and MC Cobra. My best buds and bros.”

“Hiiiiiiii guys!” Micky waved enthusiastically, “Micky McStone, Tag’s cute and perky niece!”

Ice and Cobra laughed. “And another Jade I bet!” Cobra teased.

“It's good to meet ya, kiddo” Ice grinned.

“Hello DJ” Tohru smiled as he came up with Sarah, Hiroshi and Hinata.

“Hey T-Man!” I grinned as we first bumped. “I’m real glad all of you guys were able to come!”

“We wouldn't miss it for anything!” Sarah smiled, “Although I might miss part of the graduation because of these kiddos!”

Tohru chuckled. “Don't worry, kitten, we’ll take turns!”

“Yo! Even you made it down, CB!” Ice exclaimed as he spotted Captain Black.

“Of course! Even the head of a secret organization gets some time off every once in awhile! A miracle, I know!” Captain Black teased.

I laughed. This was gonna be a great day!

We got to our seats, which were reserved and in the clubhouse section. All the family and friends of those who were gonna be speaking on stage got reserved seats on the clubhouse level. Sweet! Front and center! Perfect.

A few minutes before, Ice and Cassie took out their GameBoys and started playing Robot Mercs.

Tag laughed out loud when he saw this. “My heavens, you two! The ceremony hasn't even started yet!”

“So? We’re on Adventure Mode! It's gonna take some work! We’ll pay attention to all the important parts, we promise!” Cassie smirked.

“Young people are so silly! But the again, My Yung did bring some knitting to work on!” My Yung teased as she pulled a thing of yarn with knitting needles stuck in it, “I cannot pay attention whole time! Either I sleep or I knit, and it is better if My Yung knits!”

“You are a crazy lady, My Yung!” Lea teased, “But that's why you're such a good friend!”

I chuckled at this. My Yung was definitely a pretty entertaining person for an old lady.


Game time. We were lined up into position to walk out onto the stage. We were just waiting for our cue. The music began and slowly, we walked out to the stage. I looked around as we came out. My gosh, there's so many people in the audience! I spotted my family and friends almost instantly. Front and center on the clubhouse level! Nice!  Then again, I was the only graduate today that had a sumo in her group. But I wouldn't trade these guys for anything!

Once we got to the stage, I stood in front of my chair while we waited for all the other graduated to walk in and take their seats as well. This was gonna be a long ceremony but hey, once in a lifetime thing! Enjoy it!

Once all the graduates arrived, we remained standing for the national anthem and then finally sat down.

Principal Turner made her opening remarks to the crowd, the last one that she would be doing for a graduation. After 21 years of service, she was going to be retiring. She’s been an awesome principal and would be missed. Though I've heard that the new principal is a pretty cool guy. Skyview should be left in good hands! After Principal Turner made her remarks, we heard from the Superintendent of the school district.

After the choir and orchestra performed a song each, the class and vice president made their remarks, and then Jerome. He did awesome! The dude is a natural public speaker. I'm proud of him! He and Mitchie are such a good couple and great friends to me!

“Before we have our Top Ten make their speeches, we will have the four time MVP of the girls’ basketball team make her remarks for our graduating class. Please welcome to the stand, Kaysha McPeek!” Principal Turner announced.

Oh gosh. This was it. Jerome patted my shoulder and smiled at me before I got up. “You got this" he mouthed to me.

I took a deep breath and made my way to the podium. Principal Turner smiled at me as well before going to sit down. Here we go…


It was time for Kaysha to make her speech. Poor thing is probably crazy nervous! I hope she makes it through ok. I perked up in my seat a bit in anticipation of how things would go down.

“I’m not sure what more I can add to what's already been said and what's yet to be said, but...Since I'm an athlete, I’ll just default to what I know best: basketball” Kaysha began, “Basketball, or any team sport for that matter, is both an individual and a group effort. The individual has to discipline his or herself into bein’ the best he or she can be at their sport, and their efforts transcend into their team. Each individual has to come together to achieve a common goal: to win. Life is like that, and leaving high school to go out into the real world, whether it's straight to the workforce or straight to college, is no different.”

“This isn't the speech she shared with us” Kelly whispered to Nate, Lydia and Tag, “This is completely different!”

“It is!” Lydia whispered, “But she's doing so well! I say go for it!”

I was surprised as well. Kaysha had rehearsed her speech with me many times but...This was different! This seemed like...Improvisation. As if Kaysha was speaking from her heart rather than something that had been rehearsed and manufactured. And...She seemed so calm, so confident, so….herself. This made me even more interested in her speech.

“Now I'm a rookie at this thing called life, but from what I've gathered so far...As individuals, our skills and talents serve to accomplish something greater than ourselves. As a group, if we band together and work together, then there's so much we can accomplish. Whether it's charity work, or creating the newest advancement in modern technology, or...Helping restore justice to the world….” Kaysha continued as she looked straight up at us.

I smiled as I understood the reference she made towards the Triangles quest that we had gone through this school year.

“Shoutout to my basketball teammates, who worked hard this year to deliver what I believe was our greatest season. To those of them who are sophomores or juniors, I wish you all the best of luck in the future and hope you bring home more trophies. For my fellow graduates today, I wish you all the very best in the future and hope your future careers in college will be successful. Just don't forget to have fun, because what good are sports when you don't have fun along the way? And I wanna give another shout-out to my own personal team in life...My dear family and friends, especially the...Newcomers that have come into my life and have changed it for the better" Kaysha smiled as she looked straight up at us again. “I love all of you guys so much, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. Especially you and me, DJ. Congratulations, seniors! Thank you” Kaysha ended as she finished her speech.

“Awwwwwwwwwww" everyone around me said as claps erupted throughout the entire audience. They then giggled in amusement of Kaysha’s remark towards me.

I blushed but smiled big at what Kaysha had said. It meant a lot to me and it was really sweet. She killed it with her speech! I'm so glad she changed things up. It was perfect. And I'm proud of her.


I sat back down in my seat smiling and feeling really good about my speech. I totally winged it! I don't know why, but I just felt like changing it. And I'm glad I did. It helped me relax a ton as I spoke from my heart. It was more genuine to me. And catching DJ smiling made me feel even better.

“Nice job, Kaysh!” Jerome whispered to me as he fist bumped me. I smiled as I returned it.

“Well done, Miss McPeek!” I heard the superintendent compliment, which made me feel even better!

The Top Ten gave their speeches and then, it was time for the diplomas! The valedictorian would be first, followed by the salutatorian, the rest of the Top Ten, the class president and vice president, and then Jerome and I.

I watched and readied myself as one by one, the graduates were handed their diploma, shaking hands with the principal and superintendent, receiving a colored cord based on GPA performance, a rose to hand to our mothers after the ceremony, and then getting a formal picture taken in front of an American flag backdrop.

“Kaysha LeeAnn McPeek!” Principal Turner announced.

Several people, including my family and new friends, cheered and whistled loudly as I walked up to receive my diploma.

“THAT’S OUR BABY!” I heard Mom and Dad yell out.

I snorted and laughed quietly to myself. OF COURSE my parents had to say something embarrassing!  But things wouldn't be the same if they didn't!

I received my silver cord, the second to best one for a GPA, my rose and then got my picture taken before getting to sit back down.

Jerome got up briefly to give me a hug and I returned it before sitting down happily in my chair.

I chuckled to myself when I noticed Cassie and Ice going back to their GameBoys. Probably playing RoboMercs together! Cassie is more of a Legend of Zelda girl but she does love the game, especially because Ice does. Honestly, I wish I could be gaming right now to pass the time! Oh well, I don't have to move for a while, I’ll just daydream about me and DJ!  


After the ceremony, we all waited outside for Kaysha so that we could congratulate her. I'm so proud of her! It's a great feeling to be done with high school and to look forward to an exciting future! I’m so glad I get to be a part of it!

We waited for a while and then I saw someone running towards us. I smiled big when I saw Kaysha running our way.

“There's my pretty girl!” I laughed happily as I held out my arms to her, which she literally jumped into.

“I'm so proud of you, Kaysh” I smiled as I held her close, “Your speech was awesome.”

“Thank you, DJ!” Kaysha squealed, “Gosh I TOTALLY winged it but I just spoke what I was feeling, you know?”

“And you did it wonderfully. I love you so much, mi nina bonita” I grinned as I pulled her close and kissed her.

We kissed for awhile until we started hearing cameras going off. Here we go again!

We laughed after we broke the kiss and looked at everyone around us.

“Wow, shocker!” Kaysha laughed.

“Sorry, darlin’! But Mom and I are so proud of you!” Nate smiled as he pulled Kaysha close and kissed her cheek.

“Thanks, Dad” Kaysha smiled.

I watched with a smile as others hugged and congratulated her as well.

“You did so good, Kaysha!” Charmaine smiled as she hugged her older sister, “And I paid attention to EVERYTHING the ENTIRE time! Unlike these two!” she teased as she pointed out Cassie and Ice.

They both laughed out loud.

“Hey! We kept our word! We paid attention to the important parts! Your speech rocked, Kaysh” Cassie smiled.

“For reals, yo! You didn't even look nervous! You slayed” Ice grinned as he hugged Kaysha.

“Thanks, guys” Kaysha grinned as she hugged him back, “I’m happy that this is all over! Now we can PAR-TAY!”

“Chyeah we can!” Cobra said excitedly.

Jackie chuckled as he hugged Kaysha.

“Saving the world, winning another basketball championship, and graduating in less than a year- it would seem you have a very good life, Kaysha!” he said.

“We can't forget about her meeting the love of her life! Duhhhhhhhhhh!” Jade teased.

Kaysha laughed. “Of course not! That's the best part” she smiled as she snuggled up against me.

I smiled big and blushed a little. “I agree.”
The Glory of Love Alternate Ending Part Two
Part two of the alternate ending for my fanfic The Glory of Love! This part shows Kaysha's graduating from high school! :D

I have started to add brand new content to myself fanfic to expand the story even more! When I'm done, I'll update the chapters posted on here with the new edits!

Sarah, Hiroshi and Hinata all belong to :iconthelastunicorn1985:
Part two of my fanfic alternate ending! Shows Kaysha graduating from high school! :D Part three will be coming up soon!

And side note, I have started adding brand new content to my fanfic! When I'm done, I'll upload those edits in the chapters posted on here so that you can see all the new content! My fanfic is toooooo short so I wanted to add to it hehe :XD:

Sarah, Hiroshi and Hinata belong to :iconthelastunicorn1985:
I know I've been more inactive lately. I do want to put up more art but I want to learn some tips and tricks on how to make it better! I'd rather put out quality instead of quantity! If you have any tips and tricks feel free to comment below :D I also need to wait until I have my pencils back! ^^;

My husband, daughter and I FINALLY moved into a new place this Sunday! It's a good, cozy little space with a lake view from the backyard ^^ We've been living with people for the last year and half due to personal circumstances so it's great to have our own place again! Okay, so it's actually a lady's basement but we have our own entrance and we don't interact much so it's like having an upstairs neighbor in an apartment ^^

Got some snow in our area last night where I live. Pretty much a dusting. It was pretty to look at falling down peacefully ^^ There's a lot of trees in the backyard and I like the woodsy feel. Kinda enchanted looking ^^ Now driving in snow and/or ice...different story! ^^; Might be clear roads today though which is good but still cold so gotta bundle up!

That's all for now; ttyl and have a good Thursday!



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